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Suggestions for Sega Saturn games?

@LordBlueRouge Nice picks! Ever noticed how you write "really cool" a lot? ^^

Suggestions for Sega Saturn games?

Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean and The Legend of Oasis

Phantasy Star... Twenty years past (ver.3.0.0)

Fantastic work, really close to the original design.

More like Pope Island!

A place where man does indeed shit in the woods.

You need to stop at the Happy Hob Hotel to no longr eat shit in the forest...

Post yourself thread!

Well okay fine, I am not a real cactuar... :(

Edit : Sorry have to leave it as a link or it get oversized!

3at a Cactus - Be in my game!

Indeed! My one-liner will be... 1000 Needles

Hello, bonjour

Thanks for welcoming me aboard and really, treasuring me?? I should start contribute reviewing some games here...

Chrono Source (Chrono Trigger Prequel)

Sorry for the late comment but I had a Windows Defender alert from downloading this game files...


webfile: C:\Users\User\Downloads\Chrono Source.exe||pid:11160,ProcessStart:132032177217705852

RMN's Favourite RM Games of All Time List (2019 Edition)

1. Fighting Robots Quest
2. (The Samuverse) SoulScape & Mothlight & Orogenesis
3. A√ędemphia
4. The Amber Throne
5. Rise of the Third Power
6. Middens
7. Shrink 'High
8. Monster World RPG
9. Wait (Extended)
10. Game Over Quest

I have chosen my favorite titles not getting enough mentions in toplists, though a few of them are still in production.

Hello, bonjour

Greetings RMN folks,

I am new to the site, but not new to RPG Maker though I am a user (player) and not a maker. As my presentation claims I am a Frenchie and a middle age dood, hitting 40 this end of year.

My preference in RM engine votes for RM2k3, where I found and find the most creative offerings and gameplay wise have a bias for sideview battles and ATB. I dig surreal and funky artstyle à la Yume Nikki / OFF and kinda dislike strictly frontview battles (open to like them more but I may need recommendations) and obviously bad fangames. Basic RTP use doesn't bother me though. (if not overdone)

Site wise, I fancy devoting some time trying to be helpful with casual testing, bugfixing, looking for, sharing and trying out Rare/Obscure RpgMaker games. (hi LordBlueRouge)

That's it, cheers and thank you for having me already! :)
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