The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

They confirmed there is no partner character. The only thing you can sort of get is Wolf Link via the amiibo. By default, you are alone alone alone.

I'm cynical enough to believe that the only difference this makes is that the chatbox that pops up to tell you a bunch of redundant bullshit won't have a "Midna: " in front of the rest of the text.

Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

I'm not asking you to justify your purchase of pregnant scat porn.

I beg to differ, especially if the *other* is at the end of gun barrel.

It demonstrates the only thing that matters. It's mine, I've done nothing wrong with it, my ownership of it affects nobody, so it's not your decision whether or not I can have it.

I can't make sense of your second sentence. The other what? The reason? Are you implying that my reason is to shoot somebody? Based on what evidence?

As far as needing rifles to hunt, how many people need rifles to hunt in order to feed themselves? I don't have any statistics but I would imagine a majority on individuals in the USA can get their meat at the supermarket.

If a minority of people do need the rifles to hunt not as a hobby, I'm sure this would affect such a sliver of the American that some thorough background check and strict rules could be put in place.

There are 15 million hunters in the USA. That's about half the population of your country. It might be a minority, but it's a lot of people who didn't shoot or threaten to shoot their neighbors with their rifles.

Please explain how it seems to work in certain other countries like Japan or Canada but wouldn't work in America.

I don't need to explain shit to somebody who misquotes and misunderstands me.

Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Assault_Weapons_BanThe Federal Assault Weapons Ban was never renewed. Fully automatic weapons haven't been illegal since 2004. Instead of arguing, look it up.

Assault rifles are just semi-automatic rifles with a magazine, basically, and has nothing to do with fully automatic machine guns. white_mage's information is accurate. You have to spend many, many thousands of dollars to acquire a fully auto weapon because the stock was essentially frozen--there are as many fully auto weapons then as there are now. It's a decent data point on what could happen if all firearms were that tightly controlled, because only serious enthusiasts own them and there have been zero related homicides. Not that I agree with a ban--just reiterating how willfully naive it is to suggest that an outright ban wouldn't be an effective homicide countermeasure.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I've only watched the trailer and seen a few gifs, but I think it looks dope. I hope it has a Hero/Hard Mode unlocked from the start. Both A Link Between Worlds and Skyward Sword were way better the second time around because of it.



Let me know when you guys spot the flaws in this user's calculation. Hint: Time.

But lets ignore time for a second, even though the Faultsiphon + Lifesiphon setup takes 5 full seconds longer to perform. Even if they both took the same amount of time, his setup is inefficient.

He is calculating these configurations with Ace Striker. With Ace Striker, Faultsiphon + Full Charge + SSB is only 3% stronger, as this user's graph represents. However, that setup doesn't want Ace Striker because the character only needs to be damaged twice, which is pretty much guaranteed, in order to get their second SSB use. With a +Damage RM instead, Faultsiphon + Full Charge + SSB is almost 24% stronger.

The Lifesiphon build has higher DPS with a +Damage RM as well, in spite of losing at least one SSB use and potentially two (remember, my Sephiroth rarely gets to cast his SSB thrice when Drunk Cecil is in the party because I kill U+ bosses more quickly than this user guesstimates, and the only time I've used it four times was against a 350k HP U+). However, when both builds have a +Damage RM, the Full Charge one is still doing 15% more damage... and it's doing it in 45 seconds versus 50 seconds.

This gap increases slightly in favor of Full Charge when Faultsiphon gets buffed to a 1.2 second cast time. And, importantly, the Lifesiphon build is pretty muched capped already. As soon as you upgrade Faultsiphon to R4, the Full Charge build pulls ahead decisively. If you have a strong Tidus, Lightning, or Gau then you should make Full Charge and Faultsiphon, especially if they only have an SB and not an SSB.

Not to mention that Locke is the only Celerity-5 user with an 8.0 SSB, or Lightning's BSB, so his Lifesiphon build is skewed favorably. Most have ~6.0 AoE SSBs and no BSB option, even in Japan, and Shadow's SSB is already instant.

Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

I feel it is important to note that at the time the right to everybody having access to and the freedom to carry guns was conceived, assault rifles and the like did not exist. Why on earth does any citizen need an AR-15? What utility does this serve you? It surely cannot be for hunting... the meat would be rendered inedible. I am not aware of a situation in which possession of a gun by citizens has really stopped a major shooting, and such normalized possession of firearms would seem only to serve as catalysts for the violent tendencies of people in the populace.

I personally feel we need to disarm the nation of weapons that are unreasonable for possession, such as those firearms that have no real use besides killing humans.

First of all, it's none of your business why I want or need something. I'm not asking you to justify your purchase of pregnant scat porn. I haven't killed or even vaguely threatened to kill anybody with it, so you shouldn't have any authority to take it away from me.

Second, this focus on "assault" rifles is silly. 2000% more people are killed by handguns every year than rifles. Hell, more people are killed with bare hands than rifles each year--and I'm counting all rifles for these amounts, not just the black scary ones that people emotionally kneejerk to.


I always refresh Shellga/Protectga at the halfway mark because I'm not exactly sure when it'll expire, but it rarely lasts an entire U+. It usually lasts about 45 seconds, though, if I were to keep track of it.

My experience with Dismissal against Caius has made me consider using it more often, though my Celerity-4 users are often tied up with other abilities, so I'm not sure. In his weak phase he was basically missing half of his actions because I got lucky and it worked so often.

At the very least I'll be able to use Luneth for the bonus battles this week because I'll need a spellblade, and I have his interrupt SB (though not guaranteed, it has a high chance spread across four hits). I have a Yuffie SSB RW and I was hoping to use that against Vargas. Instant-cast Physical Blink along with some damage (and hopefully the user will equip her with FF6 gear).

On the subject of offensive RWs and synergy: Illy, your Squall still has FF9 gear equipped even though we're several events removed from Kuja now. Equip him with FF13 or FF6 gear.

Won't be able to use a Holy nuker this week because I don't have any good MND weapons for FF6 still. I -do- have one for FF10, so I'll be able to drop some fat Holy bombs against the U+ next week, and I have some for several of the Big Bridge bosses, and the upcoming FF14, FF4, FF7, and FF5 events, so my offensive white mages will get to put in some work while bringing a healing SB.

Anyway, one of the nice things about having most of the basics covered is that I can bring healing-oriented RWs pretty often, which anybody can cast when it's needed. It's almost like having a second healer.

Abyss gate opens up this weekend with a new summoner dungeon. I think my summon abilities are good, though I might hone something--not sure yet. At the very least I'll need to craft Leviathan, I think, though I'll have to crack some Major Summon Orbs to do so.

  • Maduin R5
  • Quetzalcoatl R5
  • Valefor R4
  • Fat Chocobo R3 (I don't know why I honed this?)
  • Alexander R2
  • Shiva R5
  • Ramuh R5
  • Ifrit R5

Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

I don't see how removing guns from the equation could ever be a bad thing.

Because it's mine and I've done nothing to warrant somebody else taking it from me. This is the basis of property rights in western civilization.


Two hours and I've resisted pulling. I think I'll be good. I expect to be able to do three 11-pulls on the BSB festival, and then I'll target an 11-pull on one of the FF14 banners and then another on Rydia 1.

In fact, you should all pull on Rydia 1.

  • Cecil BSB, lots of holy damage and Enholy
  • Rosa SSB, this is identical to Selphie, except on a Support-4 user, making Rosa the best white mage in the game
  • Kain SSB, makes next three Jump abilities have no air time, high burst
  • Edward SB, stronger version of Edea/Kefka's Hastega/Faithga

Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

As far as limiting crimes involving guns, sure. As far as stopping violent crime, no, unfortunately. Not to mention, there are other western countries, such as Switzerland, that show responsible gun ownership is a more viable option.

You should be careful about letting your ideology coloring your ability to interpret data. There is no correlation between guns and violent crime rate, so I don't know why you're using that as evidence of anything. However, there is a correlation between things like poverty and violent crime, social inequality and crime, and wealth inequality and violent crime. The causes of violent crime are much more complicated and difficult to understand and address. Switzerland is a stable western country where everybody is ethnically and culturally similar, income inequality is much lower than most of its European peers, and everybody has a comfortable standard of living. Meanwhile, Honduras is corrupt, poverty and drug-ridden, and the one of the worst in terms of income inequality. Also, your image is wrong on a factual basis: Honduras doesn't ban firearms and Switzerland doesn't require ownership. I would suggest avoiding Facebook *Facts.

But that's irrelevant, because the gun control talk isn't about violent crime: it's about fatal crime. Countries with firearm bans have dramatically lower homicide rates than countries that don't. If you neuter somebody's ability to kill somebody, then fewer people are killed--this is both intuitively understood and also supported by data.