Lunatics with guns, domestic terrorists and homophobia...

I think you'd be very disappointed with how little armed patrons would accomplish. It's not a magic bullet where everybody is suddenly brave and knows how to act while under duress--if it were that simple then the military wouldn't need such extensive training. One of the more recent school shootings in my state allowed students to carry firearms on campus. The media interviewed several of the armed students who had the opportunity to, but did not act.

The notion that gun control doesn't work is kind of silly because there's so much evidence of it working in other western nations.

That said, I wouldn't support a firearm ban. I don't think banning Thing saves enough lives to justify taking away someone's ability to have Thing, which is crass and insensitive, but I consider our ability to have Things pretty important--whether it's a video game, a car, or an uzi.

I would, however, be in favor of stricter controls--to what extent, I haven't decided yet because it's difficult to hypothesize effectiveness and also expensive. Some cities with the strictest gun control laws still have the highest gun violence because law is impotent without the strength to enforce it.


Ultimate+ Caius Full Medals:

This fight was way easier for me, though I have no disillusion about why. I got very lucky to get full medals. I was hoping for a Magic Blink or Heavy Regen group cure, but again took what was in my queue. Now that I have a Porom I should get rid of my Relm RW, so I'll do that while I still have it fresh on my mind.

I opened with my group cure pretty early to cover Caius's early damage, because he'll probably get a total of four hits in before you can get mitigation up. Once mitigation is up Caius doesn't hit very hard, but I held on to my second RW charge for as long as I could manage since I knew he had some pretty heavy AoE later on.

Where I got lucky in this fight is with Dismissal and Caius's spell that randomly hits like three or four times. Dismissal activated like six out of eight times, so he wasn't getting a whole lot of actions in during the last half of the fight. His random spell hit Basch and Drunk Cecil many times, so it charged up their meters and let me kick on the afterburners a lot earlier than I expected, so I was able to blast him down for full speed medals as well.

Anyway... Figaro brothers are featured on Monday. I should save my mythril but there's a good chance I'll try for a Chainsaw. Edgar is probably my favorite character in the franchise because he does machines (that's a fact, jack).


Ultimate Bahamut Mastery:

This one took me two attempts because I had trouble getting the ball rolling. Very good chance Bahamut will straight up kill a front-liner by hitting them for 6-7k at the start. I considered bringing Rosa or some other form of Raise to deal with it, but decided on putting almost everybody in the back row instead. Fortunately most of my good FF13 weapons are ranged anyway, but it meant I was really light on offense since Basch was my only Boostga.

So there is no Doom timer on this fight, I assume because it's not a proper esper fight like in FF13. I don't even remember fighting Bahamut at all in FF13-2, but I am pretty fuzzy on the story in that game. Maybe if I read the dungeon summary it'd help me out.

Tyro was doing okay on counterattacks. Bahamut still uses his double claws a lot, like his FF13 counterpart.

Bahamut's magic hits really hard. With only Shellga, his Inferno was hitting some folks for 4k, so you definitely need to layer your mitigation in a hurry. I opted to use a group cure at the start while Y'shtola accumulated meter for her Stoneskin. I was hoping for a Penelo or Selphie RW for either Magic Blink or Boostga, but I settled for the only cure that showed up in my queue. Unfortunately it was only healing for like 1.2k, so I had to use it twice in a row during the opening rounds.


Paladin Cecil should still use Saint Cross over Lifesiphon because it'll do more damage. At a glance, using Saint Cross four times yields a multiplier of 13.6. Using Lifesiphon three times and then Saint's Fall SSB yields 13.29, except that pattern takes longer due to SSB cast times. The hard-hitting 5* abilities outpace SSBs for straight damage if that's all you're going for. In fact, one of the reasons Pretty Cecil's BSB is popular is just so that you can use Saint Cross while under the Enholy effect.

It's your Balthier that should use Lifesiphon. Save your full meter for a boss's weak phase and two of those SSB uses will get an extra 20% damage. Pretty Cecil is your steady DPS while Balthier is your burst; kind of like how I can use Drunk Cecil and Sephiroth.

Some new 5* abilities come out soon that your Lightning can exploit. Celerity-5 gets Faultsiphon which makes the next ability instant-cast. Combat-5 gets Full Charge which has a whopping 4.68 multiplier spread across four attacks, except it has a 3.3s cast time. Together, these will probably be the strongest single-target DPS you can get for awhile. Both of those require Major Wind Orbs, of course. My Drunk Cecil gets similar DPS via Sanguine Cross, but that costs HP and requires Dark Sword to achieve. If I had Ebon Armor it'd be even better, but it scrapes the damage cap so easily that it'd get trimmed, unfortunately. If only Sanguine Cross were three hits instead...

So... where's that RMNv5?

Huh, weird. Maybe the addthis control is being blocked by some security setting or addon? Try a different browser when you get home like IE, or messing with blocking addons like noscript if you use it.

At first I was wondering if somebody just blocked it using CSS, I know I contemplated it trying to get it to work with my dumb hacks before

If we're just talking about the ones at the top next to the RMN logo, they appear in my browser (Firefox) with basically all javascript except google.com and rpgmaker.net blocked, and tracking cookies blocked from everything. If there are any embedded "Liked", "Favorited", or "Shared" buttons that I'm not seeing, then my browser configuration is working like I want it to.


Geez. No bonus battles until Friday evening.


You don't need to hone a 5* ability beyond R2 to start using it as long as your second slot also has an offensive ability, and even that's not completely true if we're talking about physical characters. Four uses is a lot and you should start thinking in terms of damage and not actions. By that, I mean it doesn't matter if you can use Launch ten times, it matters if using Saint Cross four times and a normal attack six times will deal more damage. Saint Cross(4)/Attack(6) is only slightly weaker than Launch(10), and if you kill the boss in less than 10 actions per character then Saint Cross starts quickly pulling ahead. Saint Cross will also be stronger if you're buffed up enough to cap Launch. If you're using any offensive ability in your second slot, that too is stronger than Launch. Also, consider this your weekly suggestion to stop using Lifesiphon on single hit SBs.

Also, one of the whales on reddit has Tyro hitting for 9k with Phantasm. It only requires blue-caliber gear in every slot and two stackable Faithgas--good luck with that. I can't imagine the game is even fun when you can field an entire party with synergized 5++ gear in every slot and SSB/BSBs.


Serah's Gloves have a weak nuke, weaker than Flare, but at least they can breach 10k if she's buffed up because it's two hits. What makes them attractive is the spell haste, so that your Flares come out twice as fast.

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age trailer ~

FF1 already has a definitive version in Final Fantasy Origins (PSX). It's a great game and LockeZ is a twat.

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age trailer ~

Does this version fix the problem that only one spell can be used at a time? This was by far the worst part of Final Fantasy XII. If it does, I'll probably get it and otherwise I can't imagine getting it.

It wasn't all spells--only the big ones probably because they were worried they couldn't draw enough things on screen. It was in the IZJS version and I assume they won't modify most of the code, so it'll probably still be in the remaster. Hopefully this is something that's easily modded when it's ported to PC.

I love FF12 a lot and my most recent replay was with the IZJS version. It's a great enhancement and I like the job system in premise, but it's sloppy in practice. So, I hope that the data is easily accessible, including spells and techniks, so that we can mod in a more interesting implementation of it.