I am also called Rasalhage these days.
Essence Enforcer
An Enforcer's duty is to protect the city and the people. But what, exactly, does that mean?



Cancelled...but I PROMISE there's a good reason

Glad you're still making stuff at least! Even if you stand on a mountain of game corpses.


Is that bridge trustworthy?


I'm loving that cottage, too!


Those are some quality hills and trees!


You really captured that 90's-era PC portrait look!


Those lowercase S's need to be slimmed a bit, and I would also look into revising the U's, and perhaps the width of the space character.

Other than that, the font and message box is deliciously clean!

Going all custom with the graphics was one of the best decisions to make with Chronology. Here's some progress.

and sorry for abandoning my own projects like the big old turd i am at least collaborating with felds isn't as intensely emotionally demanding as working on my own things is and i am absolutely in love with the ideas i've read on chronology's docs :)

wow mog lives in my backyard and I'm kinda nervously startstruck atm "what if we meet in the street" etc

I'm glad you guys are pulling this game together so well!

Improving Basic Attack and Guard Functionality

Because no one uses defend anymore. So I'm just trying to get folks to use the defend command, it's like the curative items in Dragon's Dogma. You hardly ever use them, but they're there if you need to get out of a tight spot. And yeah, I guess it is like a second currency. I also forgot to mention that whenever a character attacks there's a chance they'll attack twice, or thrice. I wanted to put my two pence forward because in most RPG games when you gain skills you never use the attack command, and that genuinely keeps me up at night.

That's because of two things.
1) You make skills that entirely eclipse the basic attack, and
2) You don't manage the MP economy of your game worth a damn.

Everything you're telling me indicates that your game should be resourceless: there's no thought put into the pressure put on players, the cost of skills in turns and in mana, or anything besides. It really sounds like your game has absolutely no decision-making to be made about whether or not to spend MP, when to defend to survive, and so on.

Just scrap your casting resource, your defend command, and your basic attack, and force players to decide which skill is the least awful to use turn-by-turn. "Alright, I'll set up this buff for next turn. Okay, it's the next turn now, but my other unit is asleep and in danger of dying. Do I heal them and waste my buff, or nuke and hope they survive?" Start from there and work with more when you're more experienced as a developer.


Got goals? (2018)

Finish and sell a game.