0.13 Released

If the camera is shoved off the map the color is black (red in debug mode).

Ahh, ok-- well in that case, this feature doesn't work at all for me. I've not seen any black/red colors beyond the map. Instead the map doesn't "shake" at all.

1. In-game menu cursor navigation for when a key is held down.

What do you mean by this?

Well currently if you hold down the up/down key on any in-game menu it doesn't do anything, instead it should scroll through the list. Does that clear it up?

2. When choosing an associated command for a database entry, the currently chosen command should be visibly selected upon opening the menu. This will be particularly useful when there is a large number of selections to choose from, since you won't have to scroll to them.

I'm not sure what you mean by this either.

Alright, let's try an example. If I go to edit a skill and then click on the "..." to edit the "Associated Command", the list pops up and has no entry selected. For convenience it would be nice if it started with your current selection, rather than nothing. I'm almost certain you probably were going to set this up at some point, but I figured to suggest it just in case.

4. Something I thought that was always missing from the calling CE's was a "wait" or "don't wait" option. It would be nice to be able to "call" an event from a parallel process and not have it halt the game.

You'll have to be more specific at the behavior you want.

Hmm... I thought I was pretty straight forward with this one, oh well-- let's try another example! Keep in mind, I can't test this for sure-- as I can't get parallel processes to work at all in 20XX. However, in default 2k3, If I call an event from a parallel process, that call will end the "parallel" part of the process. The game will wait for the called event to finish before continuing the original caller of the event. What would be nice is if we could have a parallel process that could "call a parallel event", so that gameplay would not be halted.

Lazy sprite recolors?
Well yeah, kind of-- but being lazy is convenient! :D

If any of this is still not clear enough, I'm in the irc channel for 20xx to explain further.

0.13 Released

Link_2112 is saying the player's sprite "jumps" suddenly when changing direction. This is nothing like what is happening for him.
Yep, that's what I can see as well. I also see the mountains moving/jumping in his video as well.

I can't get this one to happen either. What is in the parallel process common event?

It's just a "Damage or Heal" event that deals 1 damage (to Health) to player 2 (Sarah). However, I've tried replacing it with other events and it still crashes (like a variable modification).

I just tested this one and I can't reproduce it.

That's odd, so when you're at the edge of the screen, it shakes for you? Is it supposed to show black bars or something when it goes outside the borders of the tilemap?

When you click OK you save the default values so now you have a defined object.
Yep, I would just think that you would get the object before doing that. I would think the warning message should appear in both cases, to prevent the user from doing something dumb.

1. In-game menu cursor navigation for when a key is held down.

2. When choosing an associated command for a database entry, the currently chosen command should be visibly selected upon opening the menu. This will be particularly useful when there is a large number of selections to choose from, since you won't have to scroll to them.

3. For CE's, I think the "Every Player Step" is a great idea; will you be implementing more conditions like that? It would be nice to see something like "On Input X". I know you can easily event that, but it would be nice.

4. Something I thought that was always missing from the calling CE's was a "wait" or "don't wait" option. It would be nice to be able to "call" an event from a parallel process and not have it halt the game.

5. If there won't be a way to "Composite" a single image battler (since you stated that you won't be moving the check box), will there be a Tint/Hue changer for those instead?

0.13 Released

1. There is a delay when rapidly changing direction while moving (Same as Link reported, I just wanted to confirm it). To experience it you simply hit the directional keys in random order rapidly.

2. A player's intial level can be higher than their maximum level.

3. Using the "Shake Screen" command doesn't work unless the player is not currently at the edge of the map (ie: top left corner).

4. Parallel process CE's immediately crash the game upon Test Play.

5. Changing the maximum entries for any tab to a number smaller than the current max, then selecting edit will give an error (cool) and crash the editor (not cool).

Minor Problems
1. I don't receive an "overwrite existing information" confirmation message when attempting to parent a newly created entry. However, if before attempting to parent the newly created entry I "edit" it, and without making changes click "OK" (the entry should be in the exact same state) I do get a warning message. I assume it's not being instantiated properly.

That's all for now.

Smooth Science

Nope, I've tested it on several occasions and never noticed this problem. In fact, I just tested it a few moments ago to make sure I wasn't just ignoring the problem. I went out of my way to look for it and I honestly don't see it at all.

Great find though, since apparently a problem is present!

0.12 Released

And you're reporting that as a.. bug?

Lol, my typing got ahead of me. When you clear the checkbox and then recheck it, the graphic doesn't get drawn; even though we now have the checkbox selected again there is no graphic visible.

0.12 Released

I couldn't get this to happen. It just shows up blank and missing. Can you tell me specifically what database type and reference crashes the editor if it is missing?

This might be related to the other crash I was getting: where editing the child with a blank graphic inherited from the parent causes a crash.

Specifically the first thing I tried was deleting the sorcerer battler image. Then opening the sorcerer under the player tab crashed the editor.

This one is actually more serious as the script editor should be modal.

Yeah that would be a problem, I had some trouble with that in VS.

I'm not sure what you mean by this one.

Scrolling quickly through commands by holding down a directional arrow (up/down). In other words allowing the selected command to change in between the "wm_keydown" and "wm_keyup" events-- maybe that makes more sense?

The database editor sorts them by ID which is important, but I actually have a thing planned where you can view into the lists. I anticipated that as RPG projects move along, you'll want to have your big-ass list of items sorted alphabetically. Since you can edit the database symbol to anything you want (you've seen me put (T) prefixes and such on things to remind me of their purpose) you this view would be handy.

Then after this, there will be a search feature to find something in particular. For now, the database editor will be more or less like classic 2003.

Makes sense to me and sounds great! I'll save my suggestions on the matter for when I see it in action then.

Single images aren't sprites or have frames of animation.

Exactly that's why the checkbox would be moved, but it would be nice if we could still "composite" single image resources.

1. Unchecking and rechecking the "single image" option makes the graphic disappear. However upon clicking "OK" and reentering that particular entry, it will show that the graphic is indeed still selected. So clearly the selection was never cleared (which is good).

2. Removing the "single image" check, clicking "OK", and reentering will cause a "Could not draw GDI" error. However, it doesn't have any serious negative consequences.

0.12 Released

1. Deleting a resource that is in use somewhere in the database will guarantee a crash the next time you edit the entry which references that resource.

2. I couldn't get the crash on double clicking the folder either. However, when I have the folder selected I am able to change the teleport location of the map currently visible; the arrow doesn't update until I actually click back on the map itself.

3. The user can click back on the "Edit Event" dialog while they're editing the script for that event. By iself not a big problem, but closing the event and then updating the script will cause no changes to be saved. No crash though, YAY!

4. The same problem above can actually be witnessed in the "Derived" and the "Condition" database tab.

1. In addition to add/remove, how about a "toggle" condition setting?

2. Hold button down to repeat movement through command menus.

3. I understand you probably want to keep similar functioning entries in the same tabs, but perhaps adding a filter for certain entries would be helpful (like if I just want to see enemies in the player tab)

4. Wouldn't it work better if the "single sprite" option was moved to the "composite" tab entries (under "Battler sprite" option)?

5. Modify Condition defaults to 0 stacks, which kind of useless-- unless when it's at 0 it would entirely add/remove all stacks.

That's it for now.

Condition Trait

Yes. All the stuff at the bottom are really just shortcuts. I may add more shortcuts later based on demand.

Any chance you can instead setup a way for us to make our own shortcuts? :D

Frenemy Foe

Yeah, it doesn't crash when I do that. Weird.

That is really weird, I just went back and redownloaded the latest version. Then created a new project using that version and followed the routine I described above. I had the exact same result, the editor hangs, although I was mistaken as there appears to be a crash window-- it was just drawn behind the database dialog...strange.

I'm not really sure what to do, as it doesn't appear to be project specific. Also the log shows nothing. Perhaps when I have some time I'll make a video.

Frenemy Foe

I just checked with null players, it still doesn't crash or do anything weird. I'm not doubting it's crashing, but I can't eliminate what I can't reproduce.
Of course you don't doubt it, how could you doubt me? :p

Well let's start from the top then:

1. So you set the face graphics to null (most likely by deleting the entry).
2. Set the entry with no face graphic assigned to be a parent of another entry.
3. Edit the child entry and then click "OK", it should crash.

Btw, found another bug:

1. Click on change maximum (in any tab).
2. Increase the value by 1.
3. Hit "enter" on the keyboard and quickly click on a different entry (from the list), the name fields should now be the same.

Edit: If you're having a tough time reproducing these, I can post some screenshots...or give you my project or make a video if necessary. Just let me know what you need.