And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
The mad beast from the red lair.

Update 13:02:2016

Gawd, I've been gone from here for one helluva time! lol
The Lover's Final Ballad...
A horror story of Love, loality and manipulation ♥



I am the Madame du Barry of

Nope, you're probably Louis XV. lol

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Avee: It is made of pictures, actually...
But, you see, the bullets and the RELOAD are chars, so they would get covered by the picture and the player will not be able to see them anymore, which is why I ticked "Scroll with map".
Thanks for the suggestion, thou! ^_^

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Lessened the shadows and redid the water.

Looks so
Actually, this map looks really relaxing ^^
Try sum light in the corner of the screen :)
This MIGHT be the final version of the sniping missions for the game.
I really need opinions. Nobody gives any opinions when I ask, es I know I was an ass before but I am not like that anymore. I just had to take a good look at my previous

Here's a video of the first floor and second floor:

I neeeeeed opinions! lol
Where's Lokez when you need him? xD

The Screenshot Topic Returns

(This happened after I closed the lid of my laptop on my game while it was running, cause my crappy dell laptop blanked out. LOL!)
I have been working on this sniper system for a little while now, and this is just a preview of the beta version of it.
You're supposed to snipe some zombie thingies in 59 seconds with 3 bullets only.
The flowers are there just to block your view and take some

What do you think about it?

All Hallows' Event 2013

What the f*** are my doing? lol
Just sitting here and thinking, "Pimps versus monsters?....nah..." LAWL!!xD
I know I wont make it to the dead line.

NEVER EVER trust DELL. They make such gooood ass products BUT as soon as they have been with you for a while, they start rotting and eventually they get one fatal flaw that would drive you insane.(Eg. Screen constantly blanking out).

The damned thing continuously does this is the gamma of the screen is too high or too low. Regardless of the brightness.

I have read about this problem. My laptop is a DELL Inspiron 1564 and everybody complains about this like a fatal problem with it.
I'll either try getting it replaced, or I'll put up with it till I visit my fam in Dubai and get a new laptop.

All Hallows' Event 2013

I dunno. I don't think I can do something in this short time. mayyybe a crazy little game. MAYBE.

Still working on Whore, but it was started way before this. so there is no go with it.
Speaking about whore, why don't you try the demo?
(Inbox me your reply)

All Hallows' Event 2013

I am totally in!!!

Aw shit- how do I pull out? LOL!!! xD

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Your title screens are always a little too artsy for my personal taste, but I can't deny you are getting really good at accomplishing what you're trying to do. This one is pretty nice looking overall; I can appreciate the Sin-City-ish use of color, and the use of the three images side by side conveys what I assume are three major ideas of your game (damage, murder, pain?) without seeming like an overwhelming mess.

Some suggestions:
- I'm guessing the red speckles on the woman's back and side are supposed to be blood, but they don't look much like blood. The shape of the red speckles kind of looks like a large scab that is in the process of healing, after she was scraped over a large portion of her body, like from sliding across pavement. If that's actually what you were going for, I recommend using a darker shade of red, though. If you were going for blood, I recommend making it less speckled and more splattered/drippy.
- The image on the computer screen would look better if instead of stretching it out horizontally to fit the screen, you just kept it at the original proportions and then filled the empty space on the left and right sides of the screen with white. Like so:

(I didn't resize the japanese text in the computer screen, and moved it a little to the side, because after changing the dude's head it looked off-center. Your call though, I didn't really know for sure what to do with it, I don't even know if it was stretched or not)

Hehe, thanks! :D
The blood on her back is supposed to be like, just a small splatter on her. I'll try improving it :)
Thanks for the suggestions! That pic looks crisp and clean now (~_^)V
I'll use your suggestions :) The Jap text is not stretched,it just looks that way cause it is flipped.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Sorry guys, my browser and PC are screwing up really bad lately. :(
The picture is here--->