And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
The mad beast from the red lair.

Update 13:02:2016

Gawd, I've been gone from here for one helluva time! lol
The Lover's Final Ballad...
A horror story of Love, loality and manipulation ♥



The Screenshot Topic Returns

Thanks guys. :D

How is this building?

Now if only I can find a suitable door tile to use... Anyone has any good tiles? :P

Hmmm, This does not look good. :(
Why are the "HOSPITAL" and the cross on the roof?
The windows should not touch the floor.
It should kind of look like this:

I know, the resources are not easy to find, which is why most of us resort to making our own. :(
I am not a user of any engine after RM2K3, so I dunno if I can recommend you any doors. :\

The Screenshot Topic Returns

How is it now? Is it still bland at the bottom left? :D


Looks like you're done here. :)

The Screenshot Topic Returns

More plants, papers stuck on the walls, stuff on the tables and such, you get the Idea?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

The vertical lines in the open door of the locker should be centered. They are hugging the right side. Everything else is as fucked up as usual, so I guess it's fine?

Aah, yeah, I forgot to fix that. :P
Come on, it is not a rape simulator, there is only one RAPE scene, any other sex scenes that may be written in will not be rape scenes plus this is not rape either, (Not the scene), it is just rough sex.LOL

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Had to censor their privates.LOL
Unfortunately, this will only be in a version which will be hosted somewhere else, cause RMN says so. lol

The rest is something else.
(In one of the screens you can see the transition from the normal world * as if anything in this game is normal.LOL* to the demon world)

Oh, and, tell me what you think!
I need feedback, unfortunately that is very rare here.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

There are some parts of it that do not look "Clean" thou. :\
What do you mean by that?
By that, I mean how the rocks just cut off at the water, it makes the water look solid too. LOL

I have marked out what I mean to help here :)

You can try using events/second layer to help with this.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Holy frijoles, this place! I mean sure it's worth it, but geez does it not come easy.

And this is only the entrance to the first dungeon. Nowhere to go but up.
Woops! Somebody is still using RTP! LOL
HOT map thou. :)
There are some parts of it that do not look "Clean" thou. :\

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Doing some groundwork for a future game. You can select the options with either your keyboard or your mouse. It might have an adventure/RPG element to it as well, we'll see.

Har har har haaar!!!
So freakkin' truuue!!! xD
I'd go with "You didn't do it.Why?"

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Kory toombs:
Hehe, hell yeah! I always thought that map was from castle Vania until I found it on a spriting site. :P

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Man, it is taking me forever to get done with this, not cause I am lazy, but because unlike the rest of you, I can never find any resources that suit my taste.
So then, I resort to making/ripping and re sizing my own.

(drawn by

(Chipset and char by me.)

(Chipset ripped from Majouu)

(by me, from scratch. Edited so it wont be stolen.)
It takes me at least an hour to get done with a set, be it charset, chip set, face set or what ever it is.
Nowadays, as music is hard to find too, I remix music to suit my game.\m/
What do you guys think? :P