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[RMVX ACE] Trihan's Script-o-tron!

Wow Trihan, you're super nice to lend your script-o-tron out there. Mad props to you, man.

I was gonna ask if a script that made enemy events move only when the player moved, like a Roguelike game, would be hard to do, but your script-o-tron seems to have a lot on its plate, so it's aight ^^;

So... IGMC 2015

But simulation games don't usually focus on the plot, so I don't know how I'd make an 'ending' that would fit the rule that requires one.

I am sweating bullets.

So... IGMC 2015

I didn't read that 'games have to be complete' for the rules, all this time I had been working on a huge scale game that can be played exponentially but I was planning to just write plot up to the one hour mark!!

Just a part of this game isn't going to qualify, is it? DDDDDDDDD;;;;

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Uoh, thanks Sated, although I don't have random encounters in my game so that won't work. I'll probably just try to figure out how to add and remove that member without screwing up the formation.

Staring at the sheer amount of common events and variables and scripts and wondering whether I can pull off this game within 2 weeks

Building RPGMaker Events Challenges!

Well there isn't really anything against multiple answers to a single challenge.
As for the engine... well I only use VXACE, but surely someone else would respond if another engine's challenge was put up.

My attempt: ???

I'm pretty sure I didn't get it quite right. From the layout of the image I assumed the right way would be a stepping animation then changing the Blending in Move Route (or attack animation) but the dimensions seemed to big so I wasn't really sure. Surely this isn't the best way huh.

Building RPGMaker Events Challenges!

Deep within the panic of IGMC, I came to realize that other than within the throes of gam mak, developing a game, we don't really have ways to practice Game Design and building events. So I thought of this challenge as an idea!

So without further ado, with the pursuit of improvement in mind, each person posts a gameplay function (e.g. a treasure chest that has random loot) to achieve through events, and the next person who posts has to solve it, via explanation or screenshots of Event Pages, and then issues the next challenge for someone else to solve!

1. The challenge you issue you must already know how to create.
2. You're encouraged to reach the solution without relying too much on scripts.
3. You're allowed to suggest more efficient methods of approach, but no being mean about it.
4. Your answer to the challenge does not have to be exact, but as long as it hits around close to what is needed to be achieved, it's good.

Although eventually this topic might probably end up as a help topic, I thought that it'd be good for some to not only practice, but also those who're looking for solutions might find their answers browsing through the answered challenges of this thread. Hopefully the difficulty of challenges ramps up over time too.

So the first challenge is:

A 4-digit number passworded door!

Nivlacart's Monster Girl Pack

Your links seem to have broken, brah~

I fixed a thing ^^;;

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

"How do I create a character that walks around with 3 followers but when you enter battle only the 3 followers fight?"

Post a fun fact... about yourself!

I'm definitely a cheerful person but when I do feel negative emotion I tend to prefer to express it in anger (over sadness or any other mood)

Anger's my go-to negative emotion. I make a lot of noise, yell at things a lot, scream on twitter... then go back to normal XDD

I just noticed this kind of recently.


I only knew about it through Game Dev Story.

And I see controllers of it at my workplace.
But I have no idea what it really is.