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SM4SH : For Hyrule & For Makerscore

Wait, I thought 3DS Smashers can play against WiiU smashers too? Or is that only Local?

Building RPGMaker Events Challenges!

Oh damn, I thought to do that but I couldn't figure out how to fit the graphic into that space because it gave me smaller cursor that would only select a part of it.

You should issue another challenge, Red_Nova XD

[RMVX ACE] A way to set conditional branches from an ActorID stored in a variable?

Oh wow, this is all super handy! Thanks a lot, Zach! I'll try it out as soon as I can!

[RMVX ACE] A way to set conditional branches from an ActorID stored in a variable?

Oh, what, really?

I thought it wouldn't because I tried something like that to make a Textbox speak the character's name but it didn't show...

Wait... I'm not supposed to use $game_variable in textboxes, am I?

Arrays sound handy, what do they do?

The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Thread.

I beat Link Between Worlds in a week and... I didn't enjoy it that much.

Being able to buy all the tools just... takes out of the wonderment for me.

I really like the suspense of finding them. "Oh boy, what tool is this?" And finding out how to use them in the following situation.

RMN Plays: Final Fantasy Tactics Randomizer Hack

Make everyone only be allowed to move in a conga line, "frog-leaping" from the back to the front.

Does anyone like Dragon Quest?


I love this series, it was one of the first few RPGs I ever picked up when I was a wee little kid. My first foray into Dragon Warrior VII imbued in me a craving for adventure that would stick with me for the rest of my life.

Admittedly, I have found the games rather hard (because I usually like to conserve my MP fiercely), but they still remain one of my favorite franchises.

Dragon Warrior Monsters is super amazing too.
Slimes are great.

I love this game.

Favorite 3DS games?

Fire Emblem's super great on the 3DS.
Fantasy Life was fun too.

I think Virtue's Last Reward doesn't get enough love.

The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Thread.

I haven't bought Majora's Mask 3DS cos' I have the N64 one lying in my house and I still haven't beat it. I'm a terrible Hero of Time.

I actually really liked Skyward Sword, even though everyone seems to say it was one of the worst of the series.

Maybe I don't remember the puzzles all that much, but using the WiiMote and nunchuk like a Sword and Shield, as well as pulling the bow and arrow...

[RMVX ACE] A way to set conditional branches from an ActorID stored in a variable?

Halp pls. The entirity of my game may rest on this.

My game has actors that I can't specify. Some of them are created via script and assigned an ActorID, so I can't tell which actor is which.

Boy was I thrilled to find out I could find out their ActorID's via Variable>Game Data>Party Member's ActorID.
But then I realized that I didn't know how to create Conditional Branches drawing from this variable.

I wanted to to do things like... if the party member was left in town then I could call up the conditional branch to change the sprite of the event depending on what class it was, or be able to add stats to this Actor through events.

I thought it'd be something like... I don't know,
author=My guess
$game_actors[$game_variable [61] ].add_param(1, 1)
I doubt the double square brackets would work huh...

Is there a way to call events for an actor via actorID stored in variable?

I have plenty of other questions to ask
author=Wrecking my brain
How to make critical rate rise when MP is lower
How to make HP fall like Poison when MP is 0
How to set a condition to check a stat of any actor is above a certain amount

but I probably should be spacing out my questions since I've been posting in every single other RPGMaker forum for help.
Aaaaaah... I really shouldn't have done this idea for IGMC without a programmer...