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[RM2K3] Changing Actor Battle Graphic Mid-Battle

Heyo heyo! I'm working on an RM2k3 game for the Kill the Cutie jam and I'm trying to implement a sort of Kirby Copy Ability system. It's done by changing the class of the character to the ability type they're copying. The only problem so far is that I can't seem to find a way to get their battle graphic to change to the appropriate one after changing class; it only changes when entering a new battle. I'm using the official version of RPGMaker 2003! Does anyone have any ideas?

[RM2K3] Caterpillar Eventing

Hi y'all! I'm working on trying to get a caterpillar script to work in vanilla RM2k3, no DynRPG. I have a system that swaps out different party members (there's six total, counting the PC, who never leaves the party.) Is there a caterpillar script that can do that? Or can someone help me out with making one?

Town Design! What's your personal approach to designing them?

I've been building a couple towns for a new project of mine, and I've been kind of curious what the community here thinks of Town design in RPGs. Do you have any techniques? Any personal philosophies? Any favorite towns in RPGs you could show as an example?

[RM2K3] Load File keeps popping up whenever I start a game in testing mode

Hi! So I've parsed around a bit, and I can't seem to find anyone who's discussed this issue on here. Recently, I learned how to make custom title screens for RM2k3, and I was really pumped about it. They worked great, and I'm very proud of them, and I had no issues. However, a couple of days ago, whenever I start playtesting with the Title Screen turned off in the System Menu, it just starts with a loading screen? It doesn't matter if there's an event that has a Open Load Screen event attached to it - I deleted it on the title screen and that doesn't fix it. I even tried opening up a game with the Title Screen off in the System tab that I had never even messed with and it seems to have done this. It only happens when in playtest mode, but it sure is annoying! Anyone have any ideas/fixes?

Example of it in action:

I'm not pressing anything, and there's no event here related to load screens.

I'LL DRAW YA SOME AVATARS (Since I missed National Kindness day)

I missed national kindness day, but that doesn't mean I can't be nice, BUCKO

Tell me what ya want and I'll see what I can do!

(still working on those "draw your character" things, btw. Haven't abandoned them.)

PUNKITT Draws your Main Character!

Yeah, that's right! I love some of RMN's stories here, but none of em have fanart! I'm here to remedy that. Toss me the game and a ref and I'll get to it!

Two slots currently available!
1.Liberty - Tora
2.slash - Lily
3.pizza - Super cool radical fishcop
4.Sgt Mettool - Shyguy and Emo-Shyguy

[RM2K3] Disharmony Audio Patch Question

So, I've been having some trouble getting WAVs to play in RM2k3, but I recently came across this neat little program called the Disharmony Audio patch. (http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=35306.0)

I would love to use it, but I'm using the official english version of RM2k3, and it appears to be last updated in 2011, so I'm unsure if they're incompatible or if they were, what problems could arise, I guess. If there is an updated version I'd love to hear about it! If nothing works out, I'll ask on the specifications of WAVs in RM2k3.

[RMVX ACE] Font Conversion

Hey! I really want to make the "Terminal" font compatible with my VXA game, but it seems only True Type Font files work. I've tried a few converters but they seem to spit out a file VXA and my computer can't read. Can anyone convert the "Terminal" font into a .ttf file or at least tell me how to get it to work in VXA? Thanks!

[RMVX ACE] Animated Enemy Script?

Hey! I'm working on a quick project in VX Ace, and I want to make the battles a teensy bit more lively. Is there a script out there that can create an idle animation for monsters? Wouldn't have to be much, just, like, three looping frames or something.

[RMN] Need some help with gamepage

Ey! I've been wanting to create a little background image for Happup, but I've been really afraid to touch the gamepage coding. Does anyone know how to make a simple image the gamepage background?
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