Holy Fu-... This looks AMAZING! I will be downloading this today.

An Official *English* Version of 2k3 Approaches!

Hm, I'd buy and use RM2K3, just cause I love it so much, it's like an old pal to me. Plis with 2K3, I actually know what the fudge I'm doing with it.

Hello you happy shiny people.

Aha! Thanks you guys, sure know how to make someone feel welcome.

And you know me, Miracle?

When I get the chance, and I know how to use the game upload tool... page... thing. I will post my game up for all to see.

Hello you happy shiny people.

Aha! Why thank you my good man, I've been a fanboy ever since he scared the bejeezus outta me way back in 2002 his recent appearences were a bit lack luster, but I'll always have the fond memories of SH2

Hello you happy shiny people.

Hello, Pyramid_Head here, I've often come to this place looking at all the games and stuff, and this seems like a real happenin' place, so I thought I'd sign myself up.

I've been using RM2K3 for about... ten years now? Something like that, So I'm not really a novice, but there's still ALOT I can learn.

I've got a game I'll post up soon, but 'fore I do that, I wanna get myself settled in to this place.

Ciao! :)