Final Fantasy: Legend of...
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.



Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

@Knightowl: Thanks for understanding. Sure, I'd like to see it when you're done, feel free to PM me a link!

@Starmage: Thank you for the kind words! I hope you enjoy the game! =)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I'm sorry, but what Ashiee said is correct. We did have the option in early builds, but it caused a lot of issues with functions such as turn passing and ATB manipulating spells such as Quick, along with counter attacks and several boss abilities. At worst, some of these abilities would lock up battles completely if they happened at the wrong time. Additionally, it made balancing the game extremely difficult as bosses balanced with the standard ATB in mind would basically just become pinatas with the game set to full wait. It is like minaly22 said, the game is basically designed around the battle system working the way it does, as a reproduction of classic Final Fantasy. Because of that, we can't add this feature. You could try turning the battle speed down if things are moving too quickly for you, but I understand if what you want is a more turn based experience. I'm sorry that this is a game breaker for you, and do appreciate you trying our game out and giving feedback.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Hmm, sounds like I need to ease it up a bit for Normal at least. I'm working on an update right now that will ramp up the difficulty on some of the midgame and later bosses on Hard since people were telling me that Hard gets pretty easy later on when boss stats matter a lot less due to all the tricks your party has available. Because of that, Hard will change the AI script and properties of several boss attacks. The way that attack is functioning definitely sounds like a Hard mode mechanic.

I'll probably drop the attack power on the sword or increase the reward on the quest. It should be unsellable as is. Thanks for the feedback!

In the FAQ section there's a list of where to find all of the NPCs for the town. You may need to advance the plot a little more as well if you can't get them all yet. Keeping up with the town is a good idea as it sells some unique things, but more importantly is tied to the quest for Ashiee's character specific weapon, and a great weapon for another character.


I hate to disappoint you, but the airship track is from FF8. It's probably my personal favorite airship theme in the series. The volcano was a clear choice though, since I also stole the name, haha.

That's because that area uses the tileset for the lodestone cavern from FF4CC. I always liked that cave design with the bridges and such. The music was from FF4 DS, it plays in a couple of different dungeons.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

@Pyro2678: First of all, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really happy to hear you like the game so much to compare it to such great titles!

Sadly, I think you're mistaken about the New Game+ feature, though I have considered adding one just for fun. The game does already save clear data for the bonus dungeon.

As for the screen size, I probably should add a menu option. I had one previously but it was behaving oddly. That said, you can also press F5 to simply double the size of the game window without going into fullscreen mode if you'd rather as well. This button is in the readme but it's really easy to miss, so at the least I should probably have a NPC mention it. I will however look into adding an option in the config menu proper to adjust the size. I'm glad you figured it out though!

The stutter is something I have been fighting since we started making the game. I honestly have no idea what causes it, and many other VX Ace games have the same issue, and no one has been able to find a fix. I've tried everything from rewrites of the entire plane class to every antilag under the sun. You're right in the fact that it is an issue with the map scrolling and not something more serious. I'd absolutely love to fix it, but now that MV is out I doubt that anyone is even going to bother to work on this VX Ace issue anymore. =(

I will fix Fievel's skill description, it was honestly just a mistake because at one point it was Ki. The description just never got changed, haha.

I will look into the issue with the buckler, but my hunch is that it is probably factoring the m.evade of the buckler as well into the optimize equation. Later shields should have enough of a discrepancy between heavy and light shields that optimize should work correctly. As for the shields, that's another error related to item changes. The Hermes Shield is supposed to be a heavy shield but is categorized wrong, and the buckler should give a bonus to caster stats as well as Auto-Haste. I will fix this as well, thanks for bringing it up!

I'm glad you're so hooked on the game! Thanks for bringing up these issues, and don't hesitate to mention anything else you find. =)

The Kingsword is just for that quest, but I will add another in as it is kind of cruel to have to trade it in, even if better stuff is available.

Grats on winning the first Kaayu fight! It is an optional win encounter, and I didn't really expect most people to win it, but it seems like folks prefer to grind a bit and beat her up! As for the second, hmm.. are you playing on Hard difficulty, or are your levels low? If the answer is no to both questions, I might have overdone it a bit on her, haha. But it seems like you figured out the winning strategy anyway!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

@Knightowl: That's a pretty big chunk of the animations. I'm not really comfortable with you copying that many but not like I can realistically stop you. Just try not to copy too many please. Your game needs to have its own identity too, after all.

@muddi1956: Just hold down the Q and E buttons on the keyboard, or L and R on a controller to run away from battle. Alternately, Level 99's escape skill will work as well.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Wow this game is really amazing. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into it.
Quick question: Did you make the animations for skills/magic? I was just wondering if it was ok to borrow some of them for my own game I'm working on. ^^
Thanks in advance for your reply! ^^

Thank you!

As for the animations, if you are referring to the movement of the characters and such, we did make those action sequences ourselves. If you mean the effect animations, it's a mix of default rpg maker stuff, things found online, and rips of effects from FF games.

Now, while I'd of course rather not just have our animations copy pasted into another game en masse, if there's a few you'd like to use that's fine. Just be sure and credit myself and wotgAshiee, and check the credits file that comes with the game download for other folks you will need to credit for effects/animations.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

That sounds like a very strange bug and I don't think there's anything in the game itself that could cause something like that. Are you using a gamepad or the keyboard? Have you tried restarting the game?

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Yeah, I just tried to adapt them as best I could while keeping them balanced.

Stat gains are predetermined, only Magicites and the Plus items will change stat growth.

Stealing has a base chance to succeed, with the Master Thief ability having a higher chance, and a few pieces of equipment increasing the chance.

Some enemies don't have steals, but it shouldn't be a huge number. If there's a lot it was probably an oversight on my part, some encounters I made later on I may have forgotten to give steals to. Bosses will almost always have a steal of some sort, though.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Oh, I misread the question, sorry!

The shield isn't 1:1, it is 2:1. It used to be 1:1, but in testing we determined that it really wasn't useful like that because it left Miko unable to heal big hits effectively. Unfortunately there isn't an icon for the effect because it's not technically a status, but I will definitely see if I can add one. I thought I had, actually, sorry about that. As it is you'll just notice reduced or nullified damage.

Unfortunately heals do not crit, which is probably a little disappointing if you wanted double shield crit adlos like XIV. Again it's a balance thing with ATB based combat. ;;