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If I changed Magicite in that way I would want to significantly reduce the stat increases that it gives. At least how it is now you have to make a conscious choice to overpower a character. Having that level of stat gains just equippable would be even more game breaking than it already is imo.

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oops, just forgot to turn off a switch. Thanks for the report!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

The main reason being that it felt like out of 1000 enemies there were only 50 that could let you learn the skills. I mean, the learn system is great as it is right now. What I am trying to say is, it would be great if I could 'learn' blue magic from a lot more enemies. I think having at least 3 monsters able to teach you blue magic in an area would make things easier than it is right now.

I lost my interest in playing Doiden once I beat Chrys and the party was scattered. Didn't feel like back tracking to all those areas just so I could learn the blue magic there. So essentially, having more monsters that could teach blue magic (or give players a monster encyclopedia where they could look up to see if they could learn the spells) would make learning it much easier. Having to go through a carpet-search-area-by-area-battle-by-battle to learn everything is not something I would want to do is what I am saying.

Also, I doubt you haven't seen this, but just throwing it up anyway: http://themongooseofyore.deviantart.com/art/Early-FF-all-the-bravest-Safer-Sephiroth-Sprite-354431112



Alright, I get what you mean about the Blue Magic, thanks.

Yeah, those are the 16 bit sprites I was talking about. Unfortunately they look pretty bad and out of place when they are just scaled up and placed in the game. Thanks for taking the time to post them, though!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Thanks for the write up! I'll just go number by number:

1) I am really, really bad at working with RPGMaker's animation editor, so I tended to keep animations simple. Also, I know that a lot of people hate having a long animation every time they use a skill so I tried to keep them short, even summons. Most of the better animations were made by Ashiee, she's a lot better at anything that requires artistic talent, haha.

2) I will most likely be doing that or having a easily accessed "Next Objective" popup in the next game. I honestly just didn't think of it. :/

3) With fishing, do you mean the rods were too weak? Or that not every bait would attract every fish? I had set it up that it was a bit touchy early on because of how nice the fish are as items. If it felt too hard or annoying that's definitely something I can fix.

As far as Blue Magic goes, was it the mechanic for learning spells? I had thought that just having a command that would teach you any spell an enemy had was a lot easier than trying to get them to hit you with or use the spell. Would you have preferred it that way? You'd probably passively learn a lot of spells that way just fighting enemies, but you might miss quite a few, whereas with the Learn command you can be sure you'll get 100% of the Blue Magic if you're thorough. I am just wondering because I had thought that I made it less of a hassle rather than more. ;;

4) I won't say the characters are 100% balanced because that's impossible (Orophin in particular can completely break the game on his own with practically no setup if he's used properly, haha), but a lot of the characters you mentioned were actually favorites of others and they found some pretty OP setups involving them. I think of those characters Marz, Dag and Miko were the least used. Marz probably because of charge time and the katana requirements for Draw Outs, Dag because people generally prefer more specialized characters, and Miko probably because people prefer just reactively curing rather than establishing barriers.

I could go into each character in detail to maybe explain my thoughts on their use, but there's certainly nothing wrong with having favorites that work to your playstyle.

All that said, the next game will feature the Job system, so your characters will be whatever you make them. =)

5) Yeah, in later areas especially I kind of slacked on putting items in dressers and such. Even just basic consumables or small amounts of gil would have been nice.

6) I really, really, REALLY wanted to do a 1-13 boss gauntlet, possibly in 2 parts. The problem was 100% the fact that I just could not find suitable sprites for the bosses of 7-13. There are 16-bit sprites out there of some of them that I could have just blown up but it would have looked really bad compared to the others. If someone gave me quality sprites, I'd probably add it in. Believe me, this is something that I definitely badly wanted to do. =(

As for Sakaguchi, his second form (after he speaks) works in a unique way. His ATB fills to 100% whenever he takes damage (the same effect the Ozma's Splinter gives), causing him to go nuts if you try to beat on him. It might be the method you used involving buffing 99 and using him as the main source of damage that mitigated it and made it easier on you. I may go in and tweak things a bit when I work on the 5000 download special update I am tentatively planning.

Thanks for the feedback, and I am glad you enjoyed the game so much! =)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Sounds like I need to make an extreme mode bonus dungeon or something, haha. A lot more people are taking the time to break the game than I thought! Of course, that's something you can do in every FF so it's allowed by design.

A lot of the damage a character will deal is based on their stats, so if you had strength boosting magicite on 99 and gave him all of your power pluses, he will do a lot more damage than anyone else.

Pretty much any character can break the game wide open if you really focus on them throughout the game. I did a lot of testing with various characters at max stats with their best equipment and they're mostly evenly broken in various ways. If you max Abelia's intellect, then Bluff 3x and doublecast Ultima she can do nearly 200k a round, but this of course requires setup time.

Interesting group setup, that's a unique one!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I think I see what the problem is, I use an enemy class script to give certain enemy types the same weaknesses and such, and I don't think Libra is pulling from that data to display the weakness. Only a few enemies in the game use this, but I'll see what I can do to fix that display.


Sure thing, I can get that up sometime soon. =)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

This is a pretty awesome game so far. But I am in a bit of trouble here. I am a very forgetful person and I forgot what I am supposed to do after completing the Cecille arc, and the only thing I remember was Chocobo forest and Rosalia, but I have no idea how to get to those places xD

Thank you!~

The Chocobo Forest is to the west and a bit north of Cecille. From there you can ride the chocobo east back through the mountain pass and then south to Rosalia, which was the town you started in.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Ironbug can be found there, yep. You will need to use the black chocobo to get there. Goldbug can be found at Jipang if you are on the quest where he ran from Port Enaya.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

It is the small island towards the upper left of the world map, north of the ruined castle.