Final Fantasy: Legend of...
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.




Are you playing a recent version of the game? That issue was patched a long time ago. Try getting the latest update and seeing if that fixes the problem, I believe I added a fix that would unstuck people as well.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I wasn't really planning on writing a complete walkthrough because it would be a tremendous amount of work, since the game is over 30 hours long with sidequests. Instead, we've been trying to cover any places people are getting stuck or missing stuff in the FAQ section. There have also been a couple of Let's Plays of the game, though I don't know how many of them have been completed.

That said, if there's enough demand for a complete walkthrough, I can see if maybe there might be people interested on collaborating on one. I do know it's something a few people have asked for. :/

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Woah, AWESOME! That's really cool haha, thank you! =D

Legend of Balance: Alternate Ending

There is a point during the scene in there where Karina questions if they should just allow Yoshida to take the crystal's power. There's a brief pause between dialogue boxes, and you need to press UP at that point. However, Ashiee says that the trigger does not seem to be working properly right now, so you might want to test. I intend to make it a bit easier in the next version, but this is definitely an easter egg. =)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

@eplipswich: Yep, pure coincidence!

Yeah, the file size is pretty large... we've done pretty much all we can to reduce it, it's the audio mostly. I hope you enjoy the game, though!

@Noel: At one point, I was planning to give a character the Slots command. While making a random ability go off was easy, setting up the graphical element of the reels was proving way too much of a headache and I wound up skipping it. Lucky 7s was going to be an ability in that set. =(

5000 Download Special?

I can try remaking Final Fantasy XIII's final boss sprite in the larger size, but maybe someone else have it or is working on it.

Like, remake it from scratch? That sounds like a whole lot of work. I don't want to ask you to do that, so hopefully someone has something suitable.


Haha, guess you couldn't get away with changing this line!

5000 Download Special?

I'd be more than happy to send you the hi-res final boss sprites I'm using for FF 7 - FF 10, since my bonus dungeon goes up to FF X (but not beyond that). And I did vote for Legend of Balance in a number of categories as well, it's just an awesome game! :=)

Hey, thanks so much for the offer on the sprites! Feel free to send them to me or Ashiee in a PM. =)

Thanks for the votes! I've checked out the other nominees and there's seriously some great and very creative games in the running (the DQ fan in me is partial to Brave Hero Yuusha). It would be a very unexpected honor for LoB to win any of the categories.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

hmm, automatically run as in they just run as soon as the battle starts without any input? This was a bug that came up but I thought it was fixed a long time ago. Are you using the most recent version?


Change all the orbs to green to proceed. I'm glad you're enjoying the game so much!