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Wild Thunder - Gotta shoot 'em all!

Hmm, I don't know of a system3 file in the game folder. It's odd that you have an error with that. I didn't think the game called on that file at all.

System3.png is also the name of an RTP file. If you're missing that, you can get it right here.

Just put that in your RTP System folder. Hope that helps.

Mechwarrior Online: Wanna play it with me?

@Kentona - Nothing wrong with playing games at your pace. One thing you'll never have to deal with, when playing solo, is incompetent teammates. That's always a plus.

I get ya, dude. I'm fairly new, but still most players I see seem to be either Rambo wannabes who recklessly charge in and get propmplty anihilated or people who interpret "stick close to the Atlas" as "glue yourself to the Atlas' backside". It's pretty hard to maneuver when you have a 100 ton behemoth in your way, as I have learned by experience and stopped doing. I escort my occasional Assault, and I use my not abysmal speed to zigzag around its path and explore some of the side paths instead of always being close enough to it to hit it with a spoon. If I see I have a good path to new cover, I'll even go in ahead of it. I've found that when someone engages the Assault, I'm commonly in a flanking position or in a position where I can easily move to one right as the shooting starts.

No-respawn Mechwarrior plays a lot like regulation paintball. You can't see them right away, but you know they're there. Since you don't know where they are, it's more important to hold down angles than to explore and pursue(which is more like FPS). Know what spot you want to get to on the map before the mission starts and get there fast.

The main difference is that since you can't one shot kill anyone, getting "the jump" on someone isn't that big a deal. It's better to make sure the encounter happens with a tactical advantage by positioning. Relocating under cover is key. Especially radar off.

That is awesome. It really is. Timing your shots to disrupt your enemy's aim is brilliant.

This applies to 1v1 tactics as well. Quick veer off your path and rotate the torso to throw off the aim at the moment of recycle. Even if you get only one alpha to miss it's mark and hit a pristine body part, you'll have gained a significant advantage.

Other thing you can do is bait them to shoot a different torso. If he's racking up damage on say your left torso side and has a bead on it (which he should), hide that torso until he gives up and shoots at the other side. In close quarters, that means turn your right shoulder to perpendicular to him. Don't even turn to shoot him until he wastes his guns on the clean torso. At range, use cover that's slanted where you pop out on your right side, but doesn't give an angle to your left. The convergence point of the weapons can help you shoot around corners or above hills. When he can't see your left side, he can't hit it. He'll either give up on you, or give up on that torso. If that means you only fire your right arm weapons, fine. He's not doing any kind of meaningful damage when he fires at a fully armored body part.

A lot of material states that focus fire on a damaged mech to take it out quickly is a good idea, which it is. But people see that as "focus fire all the time regardless of circumstances". With how durable mechs are, I can see why focus firing in the beginning of a firefight is a bad idea, and why you should be focusing on diversion instead of only raw damage.

Finishing off a beat up mech is always option number one if he's ripe to be picked off. If you need to pursue him and overextend yourself to do it, then leave him for later.

But yeah, there's two explanations to this ridiculous player behavior. Either the maps are badly designed and encourage this behavior, which I wouldn't know because I understand piss all about shooter map design, or as there is a great number of players new to the series they just don't understand what they're doing. If it's the latter, hopefully they'll get matched up with teams who know what they're doing and laugh as they all bunch up for the slaughter. Then they'll either ragequit or step up their game.

I think the sticking together thing has more to do with the no-respawn mode. The fear that you're going to be caught all alone and be a total waste for the whole match. Respawn mode encourages experimentation. Each life, a different tactical approach. Then when you play no-respawn, you know the map and all the angles you want to use for your one life.

The maps aren't great, but there's still room to move and set up intelligently. I certainly hope the problem is the new players, since that'll correct itself over time.

Mechwarrior Online: Wanna play it with me?

I played the previous MechWarriors religiously. I dropped in league matches in MW4, game released in 2000, as recently as 2010. Smurf played under alias with just about every major clan: HEL, -X-, Metalus Gravus, Ahriman Corps.

To date, I haven't yet played a game that required anywhere near as much coordination and decision making as MechWarrior4. So naturally I'd gravitate to the spiritual successor 12 years in the making, right? You bet, I was on it first week of November. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed. Couple reasons.

A) I literally cannot enjoy a battletech game that doesn't let me fully customize. (I'd spend the first 10 minutes of a 30 minute match in the mechlab, every drop.) I'm not talking about the watered down mechlab they've got going on. I want the entire catalog of weaponry and equipment at my disposal, which isn't happening. I'm assuming this will be corrected on full release.

B) Also, I really can't understand why it's set up as no-respawn only for the beta. I haven't read up on what plans they have, but I'm assuming a respawn mode would be one of them. If that's the case, I don't get why they'd make noobs go at it in team no-respawn format. That must be frustrating as hell. Now I'm indifferent towards respawn/norespawn personally. I played pick up in respawn, and dropped in leagues mostly no respawn. Didn't make a difference, because I played the same pop and drop conservative style in respawn matches.

C) Where, oh, where is the range dynamic? This is the big one. If my ER PPC have a range of 800, I'm firing them at 795 and no closer. I'm covering all my teammates within max range of my guns, dependent on angles and cover. The obsession with sticking together for the sake of sticking together annoyed the crap out of me. The goal is to not take any damage while dealing damage. Any time you take any kind of damage to a torso was a failure on your part, especially in no respawn. If your group is caught under enemy fire all bunched up, your team is going to take damage. This is because you have nowhere to go, nowhere to maneuver. If your spacing is good and you encounter the enemy, you can drop into cover quickly (since all the cover around you won't be taken up), and expect cover fire from teammates on any moron who pursues too deep. You cover me, I cover you. When stand next to each other, we cover nobody.

Here's an example of old school MW teamplay. Say one of my boys is brawling up close with someone packing AC10's, and I'm some distance behind them with fast/instant traveling range. I need to count in my head the recycle time of the AC10's inbetween his shots. Since most brawlers fire as soon as their guns are back up(or else they lose DPS), I'll fire my shot just as his cooldown finishes to jar him and make him miss his next shot or at least make him miss the torso side he's aiming at.

Solid month in beta, I was pretty much fed up with the spacing. There was absolutely no chemistry by range. Everybody basically stands on top of each other and takes turns focus firing. It's the most primitive thing I've ever seen in a Mechwarrior game. Yet, somehow people are fawning over the teamplay and tactics. I jumped back on a couple months ago, still same primitive 'tactics.' Focus fire frees up the targeted man to concentrate on defense, while leaving every other enemy free to survey the field and alpha uncontested. It's beyond amateurish. Just because it takes more thinking than a FPS doesn't make it inventive or even intelligent.

My hope is that better maps, more weapons (long range preferably), and improving player tactics will fix all this. I tried reaching back into the depths of my childhood to remember if early stages of MW3 and MW4 had these problems, but they really weren't due to huge maps with mountain ranges prime for pop and drop and an widespread obsession with light gauss.

I waited 10+ years for this bad boy, so I'm obviously not gonna give up on it. I mean, the feel and controls are all good (brought back the old multiaxis joystick). But, I have to say that I'm severely disappointed in the teamplay. Or at least the mechanics that force poor teamplay. I'll wait for the full release and see how I feel then.

Edit: No, seriously. Sorry I just jacked this to vent. I will be playing when the real deal comes out, which I believe is this summer?



Though, I have no idea what that blue stuff is all over the sidewalk.

Neo Jado Review

I feel like making character statistics/equipment and restorative items still count will be the biggest hurdle. Maybe building a intuitive group dynamic, too. Other than that, it's probably not that radical a transition considering that it's already minigame heavy.

As for the review, I agree with everything in it. Accurate representation.

The only thing I'm sad about is that there was no mention made of the music selection.
I take pride in that stuff. =(

Home stretch

How's that coming along? Can't wait to try it. Haven't heard from you since you beta tested for me.

Neo Jado Review

Catches me off guard too.
*opens SMBX*

Working on it right now.

If you made it through Borton, I'd like to hear what you have to say about the Deril hideout and the Cave boss minigame.

We've been contemplating throwing out the basic combat system (boring, unintuitive, and almost token anyway), and focusing on gameplay through an actiony CBS, where the party statistics/equipment still come into play(e.g. Phenix HP = minigame HP).

In my opinion, traditional RPG combat needs several things to thrive. The main thing it needs is a consistent party. That consistent party is not very compatible with our story, which takes precedence over everything else.

Super RMN All-Stars

I'm crashing a lot playing this game, and I can't figure out why. I haven't had trouble with other SMBX games.

Review Exchange!


Your end of the bargain, sir. Deckiller laughed at me when I said I was going to catch him in Makerscore, now he must be made to eat those words.

Unreal. How did you get through that game so fast? Even if you didn't finish through Borton, getting through Lembra would have taken hours. And I'm pretty sure you made it that far at least, based on the review.

I'll have mine ready in the next few days. Sunday at the latest.

Neo Jado Review

Holy wow, that was fast. Thanks for the review. I honestly wasn't expecting it within hours. Did you manage to finish the game?