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RMNv4 Feedback

Well, there are some things we need to evaluate with that LockeZ. But right now there is only one game that appears in both categories, which is down from three-four the first couple of days (when games started with no buzz). We have the ability to revise the buzzing game formula later, but right now there is not enough data.

Games need to have more than downloads (which spike with latest games to play) to reach buzz status. In fact, there are much better ways to reach that level.

Resource Center

We've carried resources here before, and honestly it didn't work too well. One of our thoughts on the subject is we did not want to become a generic resource repository -- there are enough of those places out there. Never mind considering the license to use many of the resources (or the lack thereof).

We've talked about bringing it back before and it still may happen -- though I imagine if it ever was we would only allow users to submit their own custom created resources. We recently brought a scripts section online after having the same debate and those are the restrictions were are putting in that category. We will see how it goes.

I thought RMN was dead ToT

The reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

RMNv4 Feedback

The link for /posts/ is already on the frontpage, in the footer. It is under "site feeds".

RMN4 is here!

This is something more for the RMN4 bugs topic, Mateui, but what version of Firefox are you using? I just checked it on all 4 browsers on my PC (Opera, Chrome, IE, Firefox) and didn't get any of the problems you described.

RMNv4 Feedback

See? kentona is quick.

*resigns in shame*

Ghosts of the Arcanum

Try reshuffling the letters in Nerow. Max put more effort into concealing his identity.

RMNv4 Feedback

We actually have already implemented script categories (you can even designate them when submitting/viewing the scripts). What we lack is a way to filter them currently when viewing the lists. We'll probably change that at some point.

RMNv4 Feedback

Scripts that you are submitting should definitely have been created by you. There is a reason that section launched empty and not full of scripts submitted by "rcholbert" and "kentona". I don't think we'll look too kindly on hijacking someone else's scripts and then posting them as your own.

Mog's (Semi) Daily Game Recommendations (games you should play why haven't you yet)

I really enjoyed the original Suikoden. It's honestly one of the few jRPGs I have ever went back and replayed from start to finish (Gremio had to live!). I played the sequel and I liked it well enough... but never finished it. I plan to rectify that some day.