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What are your favourite Vocaloid songs? I love Weekender Girl and Clover Club personally, but I have so many that are my favourites...

Oh I love vocaloid, got into it through the Project Diva games. I have a fairly discerning taste with it as I do with other music but I've found a bunch of stuff I like. Mostly Kagamines. Got 8 physical CDs too.

Here's a playlist of just a hundred of my favorites.

The Eroticism of Challenge

re: classes, I suggested the exact opposite of what you're saying. Get rid of the character level, or make it based on total class level (knight 3 + mage 5 = ricky level 8). I get why class levels matter ;V

Tactics Ogre PSP basically did this and it actually turned out really awful. No one wants to go into a class that starts useless at level 1 in the middle of the game when they've already found their bread and butter. This is why class levels can also be problematic, they often disincentivize experimentation.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

(When I get around to FF10 HD I'm totally gonna do what I did last time: Expert grid and send everybody down random paths. The only thing I have to worry about is making sure I have somebody with accuracy. Last time I did it I didn't have much there and by the Calm Lands I was having serious aim issues, or maybe I just need to gitgud and use that Aim buff move!)

I was also planning to RNG all path forks on Expert Grid, except with only Team Underwater allowed and no Overdrive use. What could possibly go wrong

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

but holy shit I hate the music that plays during the summon fights. It's a damn racket that goes on for way too long. Also some stuff looks really weird in HD on a crisp computer monitor at a way higher resolution than my old 27" CRT over composite. It makes some animations and some direction in cutscenes look weird, usually closeups.

Ya I used to hate this but I've come around on it somewhat. It conveys "shit is fucked! ALARM ALARM ALARM" pretty well but that makes it a really annoying to thing to actually listen to. I feel like there has to be a better way to do that without just going into sweeping epic melodies and latin chorus territory since that just makes it "oh man this music is awesome!".

Also the HD remake models dropped some of the original facial detail which is a shame and makes some scenes look kind of weird!

Touhou 9 and 9.5! 9 is another weird arcane versus game, this time with the mainline shooter mechanics (mostly). Completely impossible to play well unless you reada up on the minutiae and I hate it. 9.5 though is great, it takes the boss fights from the main series and makes a game entirely out of bite-sized chunks of those with a different victory condition. You have a camera and need to take X pictures with the boss in a clear shot while not dying to the absurd hail of bullets the entire time. Camera shots also clear bullets but have a recharge time so it becomes kind of a puzzle game where you have to figure out the correct openings to take your shots or just YOLO it and marvel at how you didn't die afterwards

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

X-2 is a tremendous game and in many ways the high point of the Final Fantasy series. Where FFX is all about the death looming over the world and the resolute quest to stop it, X-2 is about freedom from that overwhelming pressure and what to do with it. Which is space that video games, or even many stories in general don't work in. And for all the talk about choices in videogames it often gets forgotten X-2 has a lot of them, that change the lives of the people of the world in many small and big ways depending on how you react to their efforts to rebuild their lives and find their place. It's fresh. It's fun. It's fascinating. And it is absolutely no less logical or necessary than any other FF game. Also the monster capture system in the HD remake is kickin' rad. Should try to make it through the roguelike tower some day...

Anyway, games. In the recent couple of days I've engaged in a project to play every numbered Touhou game starting from 6, getting up to 8. They're very good shooters but 8, Imperishable Night in particular is just top class, with beautiful music, and very fun bullet pattern gimmicks in the boss battles. Also the final battle features a background of a stock photo of the actual moon landing and how do you even top that

The fighting game (7.5, Immaterial and Missing Power) has some neat ideas but is stupidly arcane.

RPG Limit Break 2016 - RPG Speedrun Marathon for Charity!


"I need to drown myself now"


RPG Limit Break 2016 - RPG Speedrun Marathon for Charity!

Gotta go fast.

Challenge runs are where RPG systems tend to shine but those aren't the sexy thing, 4JF aside

Mogspective: Legend of Legaia

Songi is just so dreamy you can't ignore whatever he is doing, ok

RPG Limit Break 2016 - RPG Speedrun Marathon for Charity!

"You can donate to us on the Hero-U site uhhhhhhhhh yes you probably should donate to RPG Limit Break instead"

FF13 is a really good run for a flawed game!

RPG Limit Break 2016 - RPG Speedrun Marathon for Charity!

Some recommendations:

Valkyrie Profile 2 is ran by Tide, who is a great guy, also things can go horribly wrong because of the physics in the battle system

Wild Arms is completely insane and destroys all boundaries of the game's programming. They're using the demo disc version to beat the full game to give you an idea.