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And now I reveal... MY FINAL FORM! HAHAHA!

I love it when the game uses the formchange card. You know roughly what you're fighting against, but have to prepare your gameplan for new tricks. Plus it just makes the battle FEEL that much more epic.

RPG with no repeatable battles

Whatever you do, if this is a system with a strongly customizable player party (which I gather from the "not simple" comment), I highly recommend you add in some kind of way to practice battle an enemy (group) from the menu. Nothing discourages customization quite like being unable to experiment with your build.

Midsummer - RMN Community Project

Like so, as well. I was not asked for anything else!

What are you thinking about right now?

Trip repoooort

Distant Worlds II concert in Stockholm happened past Saturday. It was pretty mindblowing! Not only was the music great, but they did some fun things with syncing the video screen with it. The crowd was really into it too, just about being louder than the orchestra when the time for applause came. And you can't beat Nobuo Uematsu joining the choir for One-Winged Angel.

J-E-N-O-V-A was a particular favorite of mine, you wouldn't think it'd work so well with a philharmonic orchestra. Of course, FFVII Main Theme is nearly unbeatable and then there was Man with the Machine Gun and Don't Be Afraid and Fisherman's Horizon and Liberi Fatali and To Zanarkand and Dear Friends and Vamo Alla Flamenco and Terra and well you get the point. The only low point would be Melodies of Life, which in addition to being mediocre to begin with suffered from the vocalist starting off pretty rough. Did get better by Suteki Da Ne, though. I'm also pretty much contractually obligated to be a fan of Dancing Mad now too (despite one slip-up by the organ player). Damned Swedes.

We were sitting pretty close to where the guy on the upper level filmed his videos, somewhat closer by to the stage, so had a great view too. Absolutely nothing to complain about, A+++ would go again despite having to endure Stockholm.

Edit. Oh god I almost forgot the very first thing. When we got to the concert house there was a crazy shirtless guy hopping around an playing an accordion with a backing techno-ish track in front of the building. What was he playing?


that fucking saxophone loop

Best videogame character.

pick one

right answer

The MC dies! Game Over.

FFT had an interesting bit where if a character dies, (this all from memory so excuse me if I'm wrong) there was like a number of turns before s/he would dissapear forever (enough time to phoenix down, but if you just wanted to sacrifice a pawn for the sake of finishing the battle quickly, then that option is there). If Ramza dies the game was over (I think) but at least Ramza isn't a pegasus knight MADE OUT OF GLASS.

If Ramza DIES FOREVER it's game over. If he just croaks, stuff his corpse full of phoenix down in 3 turns and you're fine. It's a good system!

The MC dies! Game Over.

[Oddly enough, Fire Emblem has permanent deaths but story characters (basically any Lords in the party) simple sit out the rest of the battles. If the main Lord falls... I don't remember. Somebody help?

Main character dying is Game Over. I -think- this is also the case for the alternate main characters (Important People) when you're not playing their path.

The MC dies! Game Over.

Only time this is acceptable is in a Tactics RPG - where it can add legitimate strategy with positioning and such instead of just being "welp I sure hope the boss won't use gigadeath on the main"

Questions you always wanted to ask other members, but felt too lazy or awkward to do so.

I tend to make extremely basic dishes - speed is an advantage here as I still don't like to spend overly much time cooking even though I've largely managed to break my previous mindset of food = mostly annoying necessity. Slowly gaining appetite and willing to put more effort into it!