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Out of content - Time to restart, right?

Can't believe I forgot the obvious one used by a few games such as Star Ocean 2 and The Last Remnant.

Once you do the optional content, the final boss's "limiter" is turned off and the final boss fight itself becomes the big bad ultimate challenge, sometimes with a slightly altered ending.

Out of content - Time to restart, right?

The argument is still valid, and Sol managed to sum it up quite nicely at that.

"Hey, uh, you're wrong because this entry in the series(my bad, durp) the example you gave didn't do quite that."

Okay, to contribute more than a smug "heh check your facts"...

I prefer my reward for beating the ultimate challenge to be some kind of cool non-battle feature, like a piece of sideplot or a secret room or an alternate noncanon ending, etc. A gimmicky (to the point that pretty much breaks the rules of the system) piece of equipment/skill will do if the game has a NG+ that wipes your levels.

Out of content - Time to restart, right?

Ultima Weapon of FF fame is pretty much the antithesis of this stance - you give the the player the ultimate, oh-shit inducing sword... and nothing to use it on? If you could rebattle Omega Weapon with it, then yeah, it'd make sense. Or maybe hunt a bigger homie? Just do something with it.

Except that never happened before FF12?? Your usual reward was something quirkier (have materia with all the spells in the game, oh and if you haven't beaten Ruby yet these will have legit use too) or, more often, a simple "You are a fucking hero"-trophy.

Out of content - Time to restart, right?

There are many ways the mini-scenarios around the world can play out and affect each other depending on things you do and don't do as well as choices, yeah.

Game Pet Peeves

If you're not willing to give my game enough attention where you want to skip everything and zoom all the way through on rollerskates, then that's simply a sign of a failed game you just want to get over.

It's less this and more the fact that moving around just isn't exciting and anything that minimizes the time spent on it is more time spent at your destinations, the places where things happen.

Edit: If I want to spend the extra time admiring the maps I can just stop manually

Out of content - Time to restart, right?

X-2 is actually a great example of dumping you right back to level 1 in NG+, which means breaking the NG+ is more about your Cool Stuff than just raw stats.

Out of content - Time to restart, right?

I'd hardly consider "You can't see the battlefield, have fun!" a good gimmick in a strategy game where knowledge is everything! This is also why fog of war sucks, the AI mercilessly ignores it anyway. Also to be honest the gimmick of having to find the right tile to unlock the next floor just made it FAQ-bait of the highest order.

I've had fun with Deep Dungeon, but that involved playing a hack where the dungeon was always lit.

Out of content - Time to restart, right?

If you do add NG+ to a game, make sure you at least have the option to reset level back to 1. For me the point of NG+ is to use the Cool Things I've gotten during the playthrough right from the start, not to yawn and steamroll everything. I'd give a lot of things for Phantom Brave to have this feature. Alternately NG+ unlocking new content is pretty cool too - but only if there is a good reason for the first playthrough to not have it in the first place.

Postgame/endgame content is welcome if it has a certain level of quality. "Grind to max stats so you stand a chance against this boss" (hi FFX) is not it.

One thing very closely related to yet strangely ignored in this discussion is replayability. As long as the gameplay is fun enough to warrant it and you have customization options/not overly tightly tuned difficulty curve, players will find ways to enjoy replays of the game - and thus get more out of it, even without postgame content. Different party setups, challenges, that sort of thing.

Dolla dolla bill, y'all.

If the only function of said items is to sell for cash, it's just an unnecessary extra step that honestly adds nothing to the game. FFXII had the Bazaar to justify it.

Game Pet Peeves

Okay, rummaging through mind for my quick "why are you doing stop doing this you are awful for doing this I hate you" -list, let's go

- Slow walk speed. I don't care if it's more realistic to go at a leisurely strolling pace, I am playing a game not sightseeing okay

- Run button. If you have a button I have to hold down as default in your game you are a terrible person. Make the higher movement speed the default one.

- Random encounters TOO OFTEN. I suspect this is where the majority of "ugh i hate random encounters" complaints come from honestly, no one likes having them every 5 steps

- Touch encounters in cramped spaces. Bravo for eliminating the point of touch encounters!

- Slow text speed. This includes arbitrary pauses in middle of text boxes to simulate speech rhythm or whatever. I don't care, you don't have voice acting, I am reading.

- The Rm2k3 DBS in 2010 - a dead horse maybe but as long as people keep on trying to ride it it will continue to be beaten

- Vague/bad descriptions of gameplay mechanics - I don't want to GUESS what your stupid spell does

That's about it off the top of my head!