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NPC's Anyone????

I generally prefer static NPCs because they're less of a pain to track and interact with. Don't give a damn about how realistic or unrealistic the 2D fantasy town is - gameplay first.

Can games be art?

It doesn't matter. If I enjoy it, I find it worthwhile, whether it be ~critically acclaimed art~ or no.

Best VG Soundtracks + overrated

3? B-but I could list 50 and still be just scratching the surface

3. Hanakisou - I actually know next to nothing about this game. The music paints a fantastic wintery/nostalgic atmosphere though. There's a soundtrack for a PC version, a remixed one for a PS2 one and a symphonic remix album.
Winter - Yep.

2. Phantom Brave - It's basically Fun: The Soundtrack.
R&R Junkiee - sup rival
Eye of the Timer - aaah ghosts

1. Ys Origin - Falcom employs some kind of immortal crazy music wizards, I swear. Also violin
Genesis Beyond the Beginning - This is for the INTRO VIDEO
Water Prison - Calm area music
Scars of the Divine Wing - THIS is a boss theme

Personal unfavorite award goes to any movie score-like soundtracks, I cannot tell any of them apart.

An ATB system with a small change

Healing is definitely an issue. Will healing be usable outside of battle? I've seen games like Wild Arms where magic costs FP that builds up every round similar to your stamina idea, and they simply make healing spells not be castable except in battle. It worked well enough, though maybe that's just because it was almost irrelevant - you only got in about two random battles per dungeon anyway due to the series's various awesome ways of letting you skip battles.

Oh i forgot to mention that you would return to full life after each battle because your LP or Constitution would determine your closeness to death. (not the greatest wording...)

This is the right way to go here. Making you go through hoops to heal just promotes disabling the last remaining enemy and camping it until you're at full health, then finishing the battle.

What are you thinking about right now?

Beautiful game

Multilayer status effects - thoughts?

It is a bit too easy to be over-levelled in Pokémon, which removes some of the strategy. To use a more RM-related example, the battles in Speak No Evil require quite a bit of strategy and still manage to be very fast-paced.

Well sure, if hitting an elemental weakness counts as strategy.

If you CANNOT hit weakness then fights will take a sizable amount of time that mostly amounts to either ineffectually plinking away at the enemy, trying your luck with instant death or healing up.

Multilayer status effects - thoughts?

Try to quantify things.

Let's say it takes 5 normal hits from a character to kill a normal enemy. If you can apply an effect to the enemy during the first turn that requires only three additional hits, then it's worth it. If not, then there's no justifiable to use that effect against that enemy, ever.

This isn't really making any sense.

The primary use of status effects in most RPGs is to neutralize the threat value of the enemy. Whether the effect kills them faster or not is fairly irrelevant(that is what your big direct nukes are for!), the effects take away the reason YOU are going to see the game over screen. Obviously killing them directly with the nuke also works, but status is often a lot cheaper AND any kind of threatening enemy can take at least five hits' worth of damage to begin with.

And they all lived happily ever after...

I'm going to play the devil's advocate here and say I hate unjustified bittersweet/downer endings.

A last minute bullet in the head out of nowhere or brainless "HURGH GONNA JUMP IN FRONT OF THE LASER LIVE ON MY FRIEND never mind we could both dodge" sacrifice just makes me pissed at the terrible writing rather than feel it's poignant or something. There's nothing wrong with a happy ending in the right context!

Worst boss fights

The FFTA final boss is a fitting end to an awful, awful game. Average endgame party has 180 HP. Each turn, the boss has the capability of using a move that deals 300 damage to everyone on your team and there's absolutely nothing you can do to influence this. Hope you're lucky and the AI is retarded.

Honorable mention to any boss in the 8- or 16-bit era you -must- grind for to have the raw power to beat them.

What are you thinking about right now?