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Game Pet Peeves

FF8 was my first RPG (and I wasn't 100% fluent in English by then) yet I was wondering why bosses were doing laughable amounts of damage to my 8000 HP on disc 2 so it's definitely another one to join that club.

however I didn't figure out that limit spam was better than GF spam until late disc 3

Game Pet Peeves

special olympics of game difficulty

Beta doesn't really count as game breakage since you have to have a fair bit of knowledge+competence to even get it when it matters. That said it's still a stupidly OP spell! Also FF7 needs no game breaking, there are three bosses that pose a realistic threat (DEMONS GATE, Carry Armor, Turks: The Final Battle) and the enemies are ridden with terrible design decisions I could rant about forever

I did manage to die to Wutai randoms unmodified/unchallenged earlier this year...after getting back the materia. It will be my eternal mark of shame

FF5 does pretty well since it has a mask of competence due to enemies having tricks and gimmicks. That said the right things at the right times split the game open like nothing else, almost every boss has a hilarious built in weakness and !Blue is almost as good as the FF7 E.Skill set. My recent netplaythrough exposed how bad the enemies tend to be at actually killing you rather than just running annoyance though - we'd regularly do crazy gimmick stuff like cast Moon Flute with a mage party or sabotage each other and come out of random encounters just fine anyway. (And then you open a chest and a red dragon nukes you in 2 turns, FF5 has the most uneven difficulty)

FFs are cool games but there's a reason for the NSFSNFFNFANFANUFAB challenge stuff

Game Pet Peeves

Outside of specific situations and events, It REALLY bugs me when you can't remove the hero from the party.

This is a good one. Most of the time main characters are the least interesting characters!

FF9 was a total dick about this when Zidane is pretty subpar outside of stealing in combat and the game allows you to remove him from the party...inside the final dungeon only.

Azure Dreams...sort of.

Well this is sounding like a Crazegame alright.

Azure Dreams...sort of.

-Each day you can choose to rest (do nothing, but get a day-long stat boost if you enter the tower the next day), enter the tower, or explore the town.

I'm not finding any reason to not go rest->tower every time you want to enter the tower. Why even have the option?

Game Pet Peeves

Sounds like you're running with the assumption that the player -will- want to grind and designing the game around trying to prevent that. That...doesn't sound very fun.

Hint: "Levelling up" should not be the challenge, being a murder machine -without- grinding should be

this is not an all encompassing statement

What are you thinking about right now?

My brain has been broken by the logistics of the last post.

Bonuses versus Setbacks

Except when it gets a Ghost type switched on it and then the opponent has every right to be the world's smuggest gloater. Setbacks !!

Bonuses versus Setbacks

I don't think the design philosophy has to be quite that black and white, but for the sake of argument - I would call Setbacks preferable.

I'll illustrate with another example:

Bonuses only: The Air Elementalist class innately resists Air element.
Setbacks: The Air Elementalist class innately resists Air element, and has an innate weakness to Earth element.

The difference here is the latter gives you more options to consider. A monster's elemental attack can now do neutral, weakened or strengthened damage, whereas in the bonuses model only the first two would apply. Going by Craze-examples, equipment/classes can lower your stats as opposed to just raising them in a setback-based model, which gives you one more thing to take into account. There is a tradeoff for the great power of Berserk, which makes you ask "is this worth it?" rather than just be a no-brainer buff spell.

Summary: Setback-model makes the game more complex but ultimately often enrichens the experience.