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Boss Survival GO

- Boss casts regen. Work those dispels!
- Boss uses an elemental attack it absorbs to hit both sides of the field.
- Boss casts heals or revives minions off a limited mana pool.
- Boss casts heals or revives minions but can be silenced.
- Boss has a dedicated minion squad on support duty.

Just a few typical methods.


Crazegame on ice


Do you prefer "strong" or "sissy" protagonists?

I just sort of think that it's sad that Japan just cannot let go of the whole sissy aesthetic to the point where the main character in NIER, the exact same game by by S-E, are pretty much two different people in the Japanese and Western versions.

There's a reason for that besides aesthetics. Spoiler zone.

the Japanese and Western versions are different occurences of the same event separated by 100 years

Do you prefer "strong" or "sissy" protagonists?

As a serious answer basically echoing GRS, "Protagonists without terminal brain cancer" would also be my choice here. SUPER GENIUS can be fun if used in a deliberately overblown way though! But if you're supposed to relate to a character at all they need to be less than perfect.

Craze's Dirty Little Secret

For the record Craze is cool for being honest about this!

If I had found it while mechanics diving in scripts I probably would have gone all WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN DOING CRAZE

Do you prefer "strong" or "sissy" protagonists?

I'd play a game with HG as protagonist.

Game Pet Peeves

On-topic: games which have eclectic ways of vaporizing the difficulty are one of my pet peeves. Though, I realize that getting rid of all such ways requires an amount of testing that RPG Maker games cannot afford to undertake.

Would you consider an optional character that joins the party with a blatant disclaimer that they are superior to everyone else and basically an Easy Mode/gameplay skip option to lower the difficulty of the game? Just curious.

Craze's Dirty Little Secret

Not to mention Craze never said he cheats against the player, only in favor, so its not like he's screwing you behind your back.

Don't worry about numbers so much and just enjoy the game.

If I play a RPG for the battle system (hello, Crazegames, would you like to be my highly convenient example today), the numbers to an extent are the game. This "cheating in favor" in fact does make me feel like I'm screwed out of the experience of overcoming the battles on my own.

E: Not to mention my other, more objective argument on page 1 that went completely ignored for some reason.