I've been at making games for RPG Maker for almost 20 years! No, they're not ALL Dragon Kingdoms games, just most of 'em.
Dragon Kingdoms V
A hero gathers a party to return the world to its past glory and keep the dragon legend alive.



Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams

It looks like the following engines are encouraged:
RPG Maker 95, 2000, 2003, XP (released July 2004 so it counts)
Game Maker 6.x and below (6.0 was October 2004 apparently!)
Ren'Py 4.0 and earlier
ika, TURBU, Action 001 Maker.

There's also Unreal Engine 2 (released in 2000), Unity 1.0 (though the latter was *GASP* 2005)
Plus lots of other game engines released in the first half of the 2000s or late in the '90s.

Though nothing is preventing one from, say, turning a custom engine or even the newer Makers into looking like a game from the period. :D

Dragon Kingdoms IV

It cracked 1000 downloads? We must have masochists here in the ranks in :P This game is awful.

Oh my gosh, can SOMEONE help me remember an old RM2K game? This is driving me crazy!

So, a game that starts with the word Dragon or contains the word Dragon that isn't Dragon Fantasy and was made with the old version, RPG Tsukuru 2000.

In order of downloads
Dragon Fantasy 6309 downloads (is not this one)
Dragon Fantasy 2 3808 downloads (probably not this either)
Dragon Kingdoms V 2283 downloads
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate 1852 downloads
Dragon Warrior: Legacy of Aiden 1603 downloads
Dragon Kingdoms IV 1001 downloads
...and another Dragon Fantasy (Boss Trial), a canceled Dragon Fantasy, and Legend of the Dragon Phalix II & III, all with less than 1000 downloads.

I made two of those however. I'd be surprised if it were any of those :D

EDIT: Beyond RMN, there's also Dragon Saga IV: Running Water and Dragon Destiny. It's probably Dragon Destiny because Rast made it and was very active back in the day.

What's the Worst RPG Maker Game You've Played and Why

How the heckie have I not been mentioned here yet? Or, well, my games. Don't tell me... they're not as bad as I thought.

RPG Paper Maker

It says version 0.2.0, so somehow I do have the wrong version. Even though it was uploaded this July? Odd.

Finally, I get it to download. Maybe I got an earlier version last year and it was pulling from that?

I installed to a different location and it seems to work now.

RPG Paper Maker

Even with the option checked, I don't have all the graphics shown in the tutorial.

As for changing the tileset, it will appear to work, but if you go back in and look at the tiles again in the tileset manager and go back to the tileset you just changed, it crashes. Setting it for use on the map to try to get around the problem also crashes, or defaults to the main tileset.

There's a lot more in the tutorial. Maybe the wrong version got uploaded?

Stuff such as half the options in each tab being grayed out and unchangeable, more graphics than I have, even more options than I have points to either this being the wrong version or yours is way ahead of ours.

RPG Paper Maker

I downloaded this and I must say... I'm disappointed. It looks nothing like the screenshots show, it crashes when I try to change tilesets, it's not ready. I don't even have all the graphics shown in the screenshots.

Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be sticking with RPG Maker or Smile Game Builder.

Dragon Quest + Demo is Live!

Also, you can't level up past 19, even though it displays 26000 EXP. I fought the Golem and the Mad Knight, got to like 32000 EXP, wondering why I wasn't like level 21 at that point.

Looks like Green Dragon's been replaced, as well. RIP.

Dragon Quest + Demo is Live!

Using Evac in Domdora caused me to get a black screen with Maira's music playing, probably because I had recently been there. On a related note, it is difficult to find the Fairy Flute in this version. Also, is it just me, or are the encounters in Domdora nerfed compared to the NES version? At least now you only encounter the same monsters as in the desert surrounding the ruins.