Nice job with the Christmas tiles! Looks very pretty!


Nice job with the graphic! With the three treasure chests, make you want to open them more so.


Looking really good!

Shock and Speechlessness 2: The Shockening

Ah, I didn't realize we're also going to get a guide with the upgraded version of the game, all sounds good WheelmanZero!

Memories of Elefee

Hey there, just wanted to let you know I played a demo of this game many months ago, early last year I think it was, and really enjoyed what you did with the story. I enjoyed the mystery of the real princess and that other guy from that scene with the princess that you meet later one other time. I was curious where the plot would go from there and I liked the subplots that you had going too. I like the two main characters for the first half of the demo and there interaction and then where you took it from there.

I also enjoyed all the artwork. Sadly, I can't remember anything more so I'll just leave my compliments that I hope this can encourage you.

I choice to post here instead of the blog because I can't remember enough of the details to give suggestions.

Still, I want to say, Best of luck with whatever direction you take this next!

I also agree that the banner looks good. Bright, colourful and funny! You can show a lot of emotion in those characters!

I'm in love with RPGMaker MV's sprite generator. I want to make a traditional RPG just to use it. <3

Yes, I'd agree and I quite like playing with it too, calunio! It's a huge improvement from the RPG Maker VX Ace one, that is in my own opinion of course.

Sad News

Sorry to hear this, but glad to know you'll still enjoy remaking the game, best of luck TitaniumDragon!

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

This game to date is one of my favourites. I recently replayed it a couple months back and just really enjoyed it. I loved the mapping and the story and the comedy, but I do agree that the characters can be too dramatic at times. I can't think of a better word but it's the best I can describe.

Anyway, know you're not around here at the moment, but if you ever come back or are still working on the sequel, I'll keep my eyes out for it, good luck!

Hope everyone at RMN can have a great Christmas! Have fun, happy gaming and happy everything else in your lives!

You too! :D


Umbral Soul

Hey again WheelmanZero very glad to hear your positive feedback!

I feel the same way, for me I'm struggling with a "condition" right now and it prevents me from being able to focus on making a game, I have a lot of time but it's still limited for various of reasons. I know I'm improving though and eventually will get there. It's really odd since I'm still fine and good with conversation, and those skills are coming bak to me even better, but I still can't actually do a lot of normal activity. I'm hopeful that'll get better too over time.

Anyway back to you, that all sounds very exciting and interesting, you just take your time and if you ever need a quiet moment to yourself to get rid of some stress, take that just to keep yourself ok.

Am happy to hear your doing well and moving forward with your next three projects. Tackling all that at once and the other things you mentioned, I can imagine would require some patients to get through them all.