I Vanquished the Empire as a Kid and Now the Economy is Crap

This is looking really good, and also I am looking forward to playing IVtEaaKaNtEiC /// IVEKNEC too! :)

Ashley's Story

This game looks like it had some potential, but we all learn and improve our game making skills the more we use them!

If you're ever planning a new game in it's place, I hope you succeeded!


Interesting. So you gain skills through items? Are there consumable items too?
Yep. Other than two default support skills your skill set is determined by the items you've got currently equipped.

There aren't any consumable items.

Nice! I like how you're giving your chosen mechanics a good story. I.e. A robot can upgrade so equipping things to it, for it to change and upgrade itself, makes sense both for the story and the gameplay. Not just one.


Interesting. So you gain skills through items? Are there consumable items too?

Guild of Five Magics

The premise and ideas for gameplay to this game looks really nice! Nice concept!


For a Sci-Fi area, this map looks really good and well made!

Temple of Memories Review

Thanks for the review boos45! I'll try to give my next RPG game more length while still focusing on the quality of it all. I will also try to keep all the other points you brought up in mind and try to improve on them, specially on the puzzles, as I am quite the noob with designing puzzles!

Again, thanks for the review and have a nice day!

Hey OzzyTheOne! I think with your ideas and the time you spend into this project, you are more than capable of making a more longer RPG game and that game turning out as good as this one, and still have the same type of quality as this one nicely has.

Regarding puzzles. To be honest, as I said in the review, I think all the puzzles were good ideas including that puzzle, just that it was too much/a little more complex then I wanted, for me at least, with how much it had to it.

Anyway, best of luck with your future games!

Temple of Memories

Hey there OzzyTheOne!

I've played through your game and really enjoyed it to the end, so I've written a review for you, as long as it's accepted, it should appear on the site sometime soon.

I mentioned almost everything there, so I won't repeat myself here, but there were a few odd things I didn't mention.

Just two really.

1. In the room with the many yellow switches, to the far right a pillar would sparkle but I couldn't pick up anything when interacting with it.

2. Some places, in some scenes, either a word was missing or the wrong word was used, it happened maybe once for both of those.

Anyway, thanks for this fun short game!

Quest to Harmonia

Sounds like a bit of work to do, but it's good you know what directions you want to go in and what your going to do and aim to do too!

Take it steady, but will keep an eye on this.