Legend of Percivus

I played this and really liked it overall, but in terms of story/plot it felt a bit quick and rushed, but still liked the direction it went. Some humour and funny moments in both characters and dialogue.

The RMW Chain Game Review

Thanks for the review! Still kinda sad the final chapter never got to pan out as it should have, mostly because of time constraints.

It's understandable, but it was still an enjoyable game!


I kept dying but kept trying, turns out everything feels a little OP no matter what skill I used.

I was able to figure out how to drain HP from an enemy, that worked best against the bugs but I still got a game over. Everything else = nearly instant game over. But I was already on low HP when I tried different skills, still, I can't beat through at the moment it's just some balance issues.

Maybe increase the bat's stats a little more?

Interesting concept though, and I liked how you handled it, just a lot of balance issues.


This looks really good. Amazingly beautiful mapping.

Starlight Shoals

Hello! I played your demo a little while ago, the lastest download you've done, I think it's an exciting project so far. I enjoyed the story to the end. When they rest Inn.

I like the Kingdom Heart music and Ventus, I think, or Roxas theme appearing! I love those characters and generally love Kingdom Hearts music, so their theme tunes are memorable to me

Back to the actual game again, I do like the little dramas between your main characters, and I think they create a fun bunch to follow.
> Some spoilers on plot >
I was expecting a Rapunzel plot but I'm glad you twisted it away from that, it gives your project it's own story and place to go forward with.

That was one creepy scene when the bubbly towards main character witch turned all possessive, I do like the lightheartedness it has and I don't mind it turning a little darker at times either.

Mapping design I do like it. It feels a little "messy" from the visual side of things, but not too much it still had a good amount of detail. But from the game design perspective, I really enjoyed navigating through them all, and I enjoyed the dungeons in the demo.

Best of luck going forward, I already commented once on your other game that I enjoy your writing with dialogue and character interaction, it's just as fun throughout this game as it was in that short introduction video, and it's nice to now know just how much of a sequel that other project is too,
> Another small spoiler >
with the same house and all I mean.

I definitely enjoyed the demo and look forward to seeing where you go with this next, taking it one step at a time! Good luck with what you choose to do next!

2019 - "Best of" List!

Hey there, I just want to let you know that the video is not loading for me. Since you provided a link to the channel, I checked, and I think I found the right video, it works on YouTube so perhaps something went wrong with the code?

I am using Chrome, saying in case it's just a problem on my end?

Durance of Magic

The download link seems to currently be down. I can't tell if that is intentional or not since 10/17/2019 was the last bug fix blog update.

Glacia 2019-2020 Edition

I'm glad to hear you are bringing this back, I always like looking at the mapping. I know the gameplay needed more balance in that very old demo, but I know you can sort that out and maybe have done so already.

Good luck with this!

Soma Union

Subbed, and checked all the screenshot.

Soma Union is looking great! : )

Release the Dead

Afaik, there's absolutely no problem with working with that first idea! Heck, IIRC, you can even use old ideas that you had in mind but never put in any "tangible" form. There's no need for any "proof" of it existing before.

Alright I read this right, thanks!