Unfinished Stories

Very creative ideas here, really looking good!

The Truth Revealed!

I'm pretty positive this is true for many of the people who start using RPG Maker for the first time, myself included!

Just a quick example, My first project was on VX called Save The Princess. While it had some humour in it, the mapping was just too... really bad. I can't remember it much, but it was dreadful. Monster encounter rate was too high, with the same slime monster over and over again. At least each dungeon had a different monster, but only one enemy/troop per dungeon. I was not using enough tiles when mapping either!

Yet I realize somehow it was so bad, both the mapping and the gameplay, and I never released it over the internet.

So there you go, and I'm sure there a lot of people who's first games were not so good, too.

I'm not saying everyone first game is always going to be bad, but it's usually us experiencing with RPG Maker for the first time, so you have to learn certain things first.

But it's good you can always learn from it, for your future projects!

The Realm of Chronicles

This has definitely caught my interest! I see some visual creativity here. Some of it looks somewhat odd, but in a good way, somehow.... Subscribed!


I really like this, for some reason!

Quest to Harmonia

This looks interesting, will keep track of the game. Good luck!


Hey Beledal!

Did you know, if you want to, you can go to Manage Games under your account name, click the game, then choose Status * in the box select Complete, to update it.

Then it will appear as complete with that label too, for everyone who searches games on this site, and for everyone viewing this game here to know as well, that's what kenlan meant, but that's also up to you, if you want to do that.


The pathway tile choice, meaning how it's layed out not the tile itself, sorry! Is a little odd in general, maybe just my opinion. I'm guessing there is a good reason as to why it doesn't continue on to the left door, that's it done on purpose, so ok.

Otherwise, a nice and interesting map! Well done!

Also nice to see you still working on a game!

Year 19

Well best of luck with what you plan to do!

The RMW Chain Game Review

I remember playing this a long time ago, I actually liked the fact that the first mystery the story gives you about the female protagonist being able to be a he made sense. Maybe because I thought out of the box on how it could be possible.

I also liked how different developers took the game in different directions and had complete freedom and creativity on what to do. Sure it did make the game a little messy, but that was part of the fun when playing it.

Sadly I don't remember much else or enough of this game to comment further, nor the ending. So that's my compliment for now.

Update! March 3rd, 2019

I'm glad to hear you're back working on this. Hope it all goes well for you!