Nice to see you still making custom events and edits for your game!

Battle Test (Original Soundtracks)

To me, animations look really great!, visuals look great, sounds are good, music fits, battle UI is also good, battle itself is good.

You've really been able to customize it all in a positive way!

But, I'm now wondering more about mechanics skills assigned to characters. This looks fairly early on, so it's ok to not have many skills at this stage, but I recommend, if you have not already, to learn all you can do with the mechanics and skills and try and make some interesting ones for the player characters! That would be the next good step, or a later/future step, to really make the gameplay battles intresting. (My opinion).


I like your map! Nice attention to detail!

Where do we go from here?

As long as you are satisfied with Crescent Prism, and that's what you want to keep working on. Go for it, at your pace. If that's ever sometime fast, sometimes slow, etc, doesn't matter, what matters is you're working on something you want to be making.


Nice! This image and the one you made as the banner/logo on the top of this page, they both looks like a lot of actions is happening too, it gives off the impression there is a battle of importance going on.


Awesome artwork! :)

REFMAP Arranged/Categorized

Hey Frogge, they look awesome! Nice job! I can understand why you love using them so much.

I always felt they contain some of the most beautiful looking tiles, even though I don't use RPG Maker 2003/2000.


This is looking really good, graphically/visually. Nice job!


To me, this already looks really good.

Flip Dimensions

I entered the snow world/chapter and started laughing at the thought of finding Rin Coins.

It was neat though the difficulty on those Rin Coins was still at a fair level. It didn't play out as being super hard as I thought it may have, but I was still looking at all the white tiles so carefully just in-case!

Anyway, I am near the end of the game and spotted a minor issue that you may want to update. A certain character near the end of game has the skill Transfer, but in the description it says Kazuki, instead of that character.