It can't be the purple coloured one! : )

Post Release - Marketing Struggle

I checked your Steam page and it says you have one tag, which is RPG.

I think you're allowed to have a couple more tags that fit the game genre? That probably would make at least a little difference, as people who search stuff on Steam are more likely to find your game, then. (Not trying to suggest Steam alone is the best marketing strategy out there or anything, but where you can improve things such as tags on any of the websites your game is out on, I'd recommend you do).

If you can't think of any tags, for example
Comedy, Surivial, Dungeon Crawler, Surprise, Story Rich, etc.

You can look at some of the tags avilable with RPG's on Stream to get some ideas.

Then, you can do the same on as well.

I think that will really help you a little bit.


Looking really good! Wonderful writing on character for the children, nice mapping and beautiful artwork. : )

Set in Stone

A very short uncompleted game, story has some mystery to it, though almost nothing will get resolved, and some humour.

I enjoyed it, as long as it's been, maybe this game can still go somewhere further in the future.

Chronicles: Fate of a Princess

Love everything about this game! The story, plot and characters was interesting throughout for me, and really enjoyable, and the mechanics and class choice for the Princess was fun.

I think it'd been nice if the Princess could've changed classes, at least by certain events at certain points.

It was a really enjoyable game both from a story perspective and gameplay perspective!


Hi again Watermark! I played through some of this. It was enjoyable as far as I got up to, which was just after you could go to the pool party. I did do some grinding in the main areas but that was it.

I liked the writing and the mechanics. It reminded me of summon systems because that's basically what the Einherjar are.

My problem was, I had to do a lot of grinding at that point to become more powerful. I don't know if that's a problem I just had or not, however.

I also enjoyed the battle music at the start like @AeroFunk80 did. I also like the other tracks I heard. Personally, I wouldn't mind if all the music stayed that way, or if used more traditional RPG music instead, either direction would work for me, in this type of game at least. But, for me, hearing the singing was also fun!

Good luck with your future projects, you certainly have creative abilities!

Dimensional Warriors

The premise of this game is quite interesting, there is a lot you can do with it, however the entire story, the way it's presented, is very nonsensical. If you are still around, maybe you could try and learn further how story suture works in a logical way, and then after return to this game again.

Dungeon Champion

I played some of this in the past and really enjoyed the gameplay. Hope if your around one day you'll be able to complete it.

If you want some sort of story and just still find it difficult to do, you may be able to add a comical type of story, just between your main four characters. That may be an option you can try.

Still, if your still around, or will come back, good luck with this game or any future games you might make.

Battle Test (Original Soundtracks)

@Chip That all sounds great then! I hope you can continue to make your game as good as possible!

Will be keeping a watch on your progress! :)


Very nice, beautiful looking!