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Due to how the engine functions, you climb inside the horse and use it to ride around. The same thing applies for the mine cart in the Forest Path Mines. Loony, eh?

That's how old chocobo systems worked in FF yeah? Not that loony good sir.


WHOA! Huge ass battle axe.


Although a lot of languages in the world follow a Subject-Object-Verb order rather than Subject-Verb-Object like in the english dictionary. I think it might suffice if you said...

There's some old text here in another language. Wait, I can read it. I think it says..."blah blah blah".


I think you should use a different font for the Rage meter. I know it's supposed to stick out and be all "RAGE!" but consistency is a slight issue. Other than that, the font is just a little bit thin so bolding them would make it stronger. It looks awesome otherwise.

New Title Screen.png

Try outlining the text in white and set it apart from the sweet ass design you have going on. It'll pop a lot better. I think you'd only need 1 or 2 pixels of space for the outline to make it work.


The idea was to keep the entire menu on a single page. (Bad idea I know now)

You should work on this project again. The intention is nice--keeping everything on one page would be pretty cool. I think that minimalist attitude could work with just a few more pages. This game looks very promising!


Are you going to add more to this? I think frames would be nice, even if a bit arbitrary. The graphics look awesome by themselves but I just wish there was something to separate the parts of the system.



...No one, but it will lend gravitas to the character, which is appropriate since he just killed every freaking person in the room...

Old fools is more common though...Isn't it? Like ALL the villains say that.

"Senile bastards."
"Crippled fools."
"Decrepit old fools."
"Decrepit fools."

Friggen O.G.s.

Classic screen 4.png