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2019 - "Best of" List!

Wow! Thanks for the tip!

2019 - "Best of" List!

Hey there, I just want to let you know that the video is not loading for me. Since you provided a link to the channel, I checked, and I think I found the right video, it works on YouTube so perhaps something went wrong with the code?

I am using Chrome, saying in case it's just a problem on my end?

Looks like trying to include the timestamp start-time in the url was messing things up. Fixed!

Things coming up

That dynamic lighting is very impressive. I'm really familiar with the Ancient Dungeon tileset and you're using it really well. Keep up the good work!

If you want to talk story ideas, PM me! Are you looking to connect major set-pieces or just add sidequests?

I give up! New version!

Thanks, all!

Yeah, I still like the mechanic. And the reasons why I put it in in the first place are still reasons why I want it in there.

There's just something busted about it the script. I think it's not playing well with my anti-lag script, honestly. So it came down to: scrap the system or re-do EVERY map. I tried contacting the dev of the script (he has moved on to other things, understandably), deleting scripts (didn't work), moving scripts (didn't work), finding a different qte script (would have required getting rid of the battle symphony side-view battlers)...

I think there were some people who didn't even notice the bug. They were playing for a little bit and closing out/restarting so regularly it didn't matter. And I've heard from other people that, as long as you fought a battle regularly, it seemed to work consistently - if you made a bunch of map transfers without a battle is when it would glitch. And then others were fine with the bug and restarting - the whole "you get what you pay for, we're all just trying to make something in rpgmaker and sometimes shit is buggy" mentality. Which I'm good with. I've certainly grinded my way through buggy rpgmaker games.

Thanks for the support, all!

Beta Testers Needed!

author=Little Wing Guy
Is this a release of the 5+ hour full game, or just a demo?

The beta test would be of the full game.


Just make a youtube account. If you're worried about trolls, you can turn comments off and make it link-only. And then you can post the link here and everything will be cool.

Character Introductions: Felise

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