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Super Candyland Cousin Adventure Review

Thanks so much for your review!

I know this game isn't much, but it was nice pressing RPGMaker into making a platformer and playing around with the platformer plugin.

I wanted to let you know that I was able to find a setting to reduce the slippiness. There's a tiny setting in the plugin that changes the friction of surfaces. The default setting is 0.001 and I found that raising it to 0.1 makes things a lot different. The jumps are still a little floaty... I'd love to hear a fix for that.

I should also note that my game was a tiny hit with my nieces, who range from 5 to 8. My nephew, who always wanted to play the robot first, had a really bad time since the robot is essentially "hard mode." But hey, for goofing around with on Christmas morning, the kids liked it fine. And my sisters, who were completely against video games prior to this, have really loosened up about it (I think quarantine has helped...) and the kids have moved on to some real games on their ipads! More gamers into the fold!

Let's Play: Super Candyland Cousin Adventure

Thanks so much for playing my game!

Super Candyland Cousin Adventure

In other news I finished up my Let's Play for this game. I sacrificed episodes I had originally planned for Suikoden III and V in order to push this series. Of course, this was more due to time constraints than anything else. Since, I've been trying to match my planned episode count for the month at the vary least. Of course, that means I've been working on 9 - 10 videos a day the last couple of days.

Thankfully things will be a bit easier tomorrow (today where I'm at considering it's after Midnight) is only six videos long.

Thanks for putting a video up! It's always fun watching someone play your game!

Super Candyland Cousin Adventure

I'll be blunt in saying the highly loose controls just kill this game in my opinion. After all, I'm constantly finding myself needing to move back and forth on the controls to prevent my character from slipping off the sides of platforms. Thankfully you don't take any fall damage, but that doesn't make the sloppy controls any more bearable. Since you'll be taking plenty of damage from accidentally ramming into enemies, falling on spikes, and so on.

It also would have been a good idea to go over the basic controls near the start of the game as well. Since, I didn't even realize I had access to a dash button while in mid-air until half way through a stage when I accidentally hit the button for it.

And, it would probably be a good idea to explain how to get to items behind the screens as well. Since, it's impossible to collect the books without that information. And, it's not like you can revisit stages in order to get them later.

Thanks for giving the game a download and trying it out!

I agree that the characters are a little slippy and floaty. You know, I could never really figure out how to fix that with the platformer plugin settings. I would encourage anyone who wants to give making a platformer with the TMJumpAction plugin a try to let me know if they can figure out how to make things less floaty and slippy.

Since Super Candyland Cousin Adventure is the only full game I've seen made with the plugin, I'm hoping people can download it and look under the hood and use it to make their own platformers even better.

Naima's Melody

I've been following this game since the early days and have always been impressed by the level of polish and obvious love with which it's been developed. We all understand IRL issues and the hiatus status - it happens to us all. I hope your IRL issues iron out soon.

At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

Hello, I just wanted to drop a note saying just how much I enjoyed playing this game that I recently downloaded.
No crashes, no moments of extreme frustration causing me to give up, and best of all...
It probably took me longer than most but still I didn't need no stinkin' guide.
Thank you.
Is their a way to make a modest donation?
You and your team deserve it.

Life is funny, isn't it? I was having the absolute worst day yesterday and your message really helped brighten my day! Thanks so much for playing the game and enjoying it! That makes me incredibly happy!

I don't have a donation system set up, although you can officially purchase the game on gamejolt if you'd like. But a modest donation to help with the Australian wildfires would be even better. If you really want to go above and beyond, I would encourage you to follow my composer on instagram - he was a dream to work with and incredibly talented.

At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires Review

Thanks so much for your review!! I've had the game up for a while taking care of various bugs and fixes, so I'm glad you were able to review the most complete and bug-free version.

I will look at the Gary accuracy. It's always kinda fun to see what sticks with some people and doesn't with others.

Turns out that lockpicks don't run out on chests unless you break them. You can only break them by not picking the lock right. So it seems that you always picked the lock correctly! Nice job! Honestly, it was much MUCH harder to pick the lock correctly in previous versions. The "unlockable" noise was purposefully very similar to the "locked" noise", but testers were finding it too challenging and were opting to not open chests because it ceased to be fun. So chests are a little easier now.

As for the boss: All valid critiques, thank you. I was curious if you got the optional sword for Cal and vest for Georgie, after you place the skull in the alcove. Her sword is strong against all of the boss's forms and was meant to make the fight a little easier. Also, what level were you at?

Thanks again for your nice review and taking the time to play my game! :D

2019 - "Best of" List!

Wow! Thanks for the tip!

2019 - "Best of" List!

Hey there, I just want to let you know that the video is not loading for me. Since you provided a link to the channel, I checked, and I think I found the right video, it works on YouTube so perhaps something went wrong with the code?

I am using Chrome, saying in case it's just a problem on my end?

Looks like trying to include the timestamp start-time in the url was messing things up. Fixed!

Inherited Sins

Saw your latest blog post. Have you been having effectus issues, too? I am finding more conflicts with it than normal and the people that made it have disappeared. It's really frustrating.