Phantom Event?

I will certainly try that when I get home. Thanks, Kory.

The autorun event did end with a blank page with a self switch.

Phantom Event?

The cutscene was controled only by being transferred and It was run by auto run. There were no switches associated with controlling that event.

Phantom Event?

My game starts with 3 cutscenes and then the player is controllable. I then, go to a town for some items, go through a cave and into another town. As soon as I enter the town, one of the previous cutscene events starts. There is nothing on that tile. I even moved the town a bit, Then I put a player touch event on the same position tile . It still does the same thing. I even went so far as to set up a player touch event to turn off all previous switches in the game. Still!! I have no scripts in this game, as yet. This game has been working fine up until now.

Shattered Hourglass

It's great to see that you've completed every achievement available in Shattered Hourglass! Thank you so much for your help with grammar and bug fixes ^.^ You are awesome
You're welcome and I'd do it all, again:)

The Legend of Zelda (Solarus Edition)

Nice looking game, kory_toombs. I'm unfamiliar with this engine. I have only gotten the spacebar to work so far. Could you explain the controls, please. Thanks

Sorry, I just noticed the playthrough.

Shattered Hourglass

Thirteen years.
Dozens of playthroughs.
Scores of pages of correspondence with the developer.
So many versions.
So many patches.
Free versions.
Commercial Versions.
So many party combinations.
So many party member Jobs and Masteries.
Seven endings.
Thank you, Sawworm, for this great game.

I am sure that I will play it again at some point, now that I have done it all.

Missing Draft

I started writing a tutorial yesterday. Time ran out for me for the day so, I marked it as a Draft. Where do I find it so I can finish it?

[RMVX ACE] Permission for a tutorial?

Charter Maker 1999 is do it easy, i think...
I'll check it out. Thanks

[RMVX ACE] Permission for a tutorial?

Just open your tileset in a graphics program, find the bookcase, and copypaste it to a character set.
Wow. I'll have to try that. Thank you, pianotm.

[RMVX ACE] Permission for a tutorial?

Can't you just take the bookcase from the tileset in the event window? Why do you have to make a new graphic for it?

Not if you want items you can push. You would need events for the top graphic and the bottom graphic. Also. making them isn't hard or time consuming, maybe 20 minutes.I made 12 different pushable items in an afternoon and I knew nothing about Gimp at the onset. Of course, I'm referring to two tile high graphics. Is there some way to do it without the eventing that I am unaware of? That would be great.