Returning from RMVX Death
It has been a very long time since I have been on this website or hosted any games on it. Last message I left was sometime back in 2011, so obviously I have been on a lengthy hiatus. I apologize, but I am aiming to begin fresh and new with nothing tying me down or back due to what I previously had so all my previous games have been deleted from the site.

I will leave nothing on this website, except for very small things - updates every great once in a blue moon, etc. - and make no promises to anyone.

Please refer to the game titled Eriscadia for any further information.


Notices Error

Anyone else getting an error whenever they attempt to go into their Notices?

Know Who To Talk To

Is there any chance we could get something wrote up to tell us who has what role with the site? In other words, if (for example mind you) your game has been pending for longer than 48 hours, who would we message to ask about this?
Or, if we have a problem with someone, who do we message about it? If (for those that donate money monthly) there is an issue with our donation or something, who do we go to?

All of these are just examples, I hope you understand what it is that I basically mean. It would be nice, because I had something that I 'had' an issue with, but I didn't know who to message to ask about it. I figured this would help people out in the same boat and also save another site mod from being pestered with something that their technically not really responsible for.


[VX] "Deleting Encrypted Archive" Error

Someone please tell me they know how save my game before the blasted RPG Maker VX deletes it! I'm having a panic attack just thinking about it...

Here is an image of what the error states exactly (which I get only when I click on the Game.rvproj file to open the game in the engine):

Please help... I'm real concerned this is going to wipe out my entire game.

Also, I found this in my games folder:

I created a brand new game and went and looked in my other games' folder for that ".rgss2a" file and none of them had it. It is an archived file that I have no clue where it came from... Any help and advice appreciated! :)

[VX] Audio No Longer Functioning

OK, I have imported some MIDI's to my game the appropriate way, ad they worked. However, I got into the maker today after having them in there for two days (and working both days) to find that all audio - including the midi's - no longer working in my RPG Maker. Does anyone know what would cause this?

BTW, I get audio with everything else on my machine, so its not my computer causing this issue...

Variables - Usefull or not-so-much?

EDIT: FAIL! OK, I forgot to mention, I'm using VX...

OK, so I will be the first one to come out of the closet and openly admit what a whole boat load of other RMN-ers are afraid to admit:

Variables are scary.

There, I said it, now can we move along? Are Variables really something that should be considered a basic necessity of any game developers? If so, then why??? Maybe it's just because I don't really understand them (and yes, I've been reading the tutorials), or maybe its just because I don't really see what they can honestly do in a game.

Can someone show me a game where Variables were heavily used? This might be a good way for someone to truly understand... Maybe someone can explain some basics that I 'could' see them used for - such as, lets say, a boss battle or a Battle Tutorial < now THAT one, I could understand.

But, how would you even do these sort of variables? I understand the basics, =Set the Variable, +Add or -Subtract from the Variables; this is great and all, but how do you really implement them in an event (and I'm not talking about adding them, I clearly understand that part)? What are the real pro's to these frightening little things and what are their limitations in the RPG Maker world?

The Nintendo: Mario and Friends Game Board Creation

So, I've been playing around with Photoshop again (no surprise there) and I got an idea; I love Mario and so forth and thought, what better way to practice with photoshop than to goof around with your favorite things anyways?

I decided I would practice by making a fake game board; this one would feature Nintendo's favorite hero: Mario - and friends of course.

No shadows have been added yet or any real fine-tune things, I'm just placing things down where I want them to appear on the board. After I am done, I am going to add the playing-field nodes and then little things here and there telling you where to go and have special spots.

My question is, do you think there are characters that I am missing (besides the obvious Toady) or that I should add? Remember, this is only for fun though, so nothing serious is really happening. :)
Also, anyone know where to get a better Bowser picture? I really wanted him bent down growling/yelling like he always does towards Mario and Luigi...

Anything else that should be done to this, btw, besides what I currently have down? Such as, should I make everything glossy since this is supposed to be paper that they are all printed on...

Censor Please

Hey, I just got this really awesome song but I was wondering if there was anyway someone could censor it for me or just cleanly and neatly cut out the language so I can play it through my stereo? (Its a rule of the household, don't tease me about it!) >:(

I will up-load it once someone answers, no reason to hog the Locker otherwise, ya know what I mean? :3

(BTW, its Working Class Hero by Racoon - and yes, I've searched for a censored version already.)

What is WRONG with Americans!?

OK, here's how this works:

1) Watch the video below, it is provided to you by America's Got Talen 2010.
2) Come back and respond, what did you think? Was it awesome? Was it stupid? What??
3) Tell us if you think it was fair that they got voted off in favor of a singer.

Video Link:

1) Watched it
2) It was freakin' awesome! I liked it a lot and thought it was an awesome display and expression of the time's we are now living in.
3) No, I don't think it was fair that they got booted off; America is in an age where Geeks (for lack of a better way to explain it) are really able to shine. And to have these guys booted off in favor of an artist that no one remembers from that show win I think just proves that most American's either don't understand what this video is really representing or that American's are just plain afraid of changes.

[RMVX] Looking for a few artists

OK, Eriscadia's intro movie has been figured out, but I need one song and I need images made by someone that can do magic art rather well. :3

I usually don't like to ask for things like this, because I have nothing to give in return except a spot on the "Special Thanks Goes To..." spot in the opening and closing credits. But...

I am in need of two Mages and the scene that these two Mages are in broken up into multiple different pictures. As many as you want, obviously, but a minimum of 7 - which is shown in the mock-up. The main mage is the one with the funky looking hair (can't draw hair to save my life in MS Paint, lol) which is featured in the last pane, he's featured below with his own chara included.

Below is a mock-up of the intro drawn up using MS Paint I made while at work:

The guy with the funky looking hair (not the robe on his head) is Master LuVou from my game:

The images would be still images, no moving scene's or anything; these would flash onto the screen as the music is playing and then flash off to allow the opening credits to show and then flash back to another image, et cetera, et cetera.

If anyone knows someone or if anyone here is able/willing to do this, please let me know either here in this post or PM me please. No rush on this really, at this time any ways, the demo wont be available until November and I would really like the art at least by then. (If that's not something that can be done, that's fine, the game doesn't release until about March of 2012 - but I would like someone that would at least do the work, if you know what I mean.)

THANKS guys!

Edited to add the content that was missing due to posting while at work only.
Sorry about the bump, was not intended...

Also forgot to mention the music... If the scene mock-up above doesn't explain to you what I'm basically looking for, I'll try to explain again myself.

So, you like it stylish, huh?

You know, I've gone through a lot of game pages and I've realized that a lot fo them have nifty pictures in the bakground (no, I have no clue how to do this - teacher's teach please!) and wondered, 'What type of background should actually be posted? One that matches your game or one that represents a feeling your game is supposed to give off?' So, which is it guys???

Wasn't sure if this went here or in the General Discussion forum, someone move this if it goes elsewhere pwease. ^.^