The Imp troop that you get around Bridelveil Castle has a bug which crashes the game. It happens if an imp goes to use the skill Desparation. Unfortunately when the game crashes I get that annoying pop up from Windows saying I need an overlay to run the game which obscures the actual error message.

I have the latest patch.

Umbral Soul

Great, got it. Thanks for this.
Now back to playing!

Umbral Soul

Hi, first off, I want to say how much I'm enjoying this. But just now, I'm stuck.

I'm at Rallen's Tower. I have got up to the level where there are the wind funnels, and I am trying to get the key. In making the paths in the left hand room, I can never get one to connect with the lower crystal, and I assume I have to interact with both crystals to lower the spikes. Leaving the room (indeed, leaving the whole Tower) doesn't reset the paths, so I'm left with one path going to the top crystal, and one going to the steps in front of the spikes.

What am I doing wrong?

The Master of Souls

It's WORD, all upper case.

I have found the goodie cave with the spells in it, and I'm wondering if I am the first to do so, as there is a massive bug which I would have thought would have been reported by now. Maybe it has, and I've just not seen it by scanning all pages.

When you go to leave, the transfer event takes you to Skotia - much later in the game. Knowing that I was underleveled for there I fought my way back to the swamp area, but I thought I'd let people know. If you go hunting for the goodies, make sure you have enough healing items with you in order to make it back.

Ara Fell

I went back to the Octopus fight to see if I could recreate the place switching. Instead, I got the following error message

A description violation of address 0000000C occurred in address
004B2D36 of module 'RPG_RT.exe'

On the next attempt, one party member was grabbed into a tentacle, so it couldn't just be that, unless there are specific circumstances where that action would generate this crash.

Save Your Mother

There are some under reviews.

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

As I said, I already have the RTP installed.

I know that there are games that used patched engines to get functions that didn't exist in the base engine - in such cases I would have to search for an updated patch that complies with the legal version (as I mentioned, I have the legal version). So really, what I was asking was - do I need such a patch to play this game? Because I assume I must need something else if this game is not recognizing my RTP.

Alternatively, the game is searching for the rtp in a different folder than the one which it's in by default. This would not be surprising, as the rtp available now is in a sub-folder of one called Kadakowa - which was not around when this game was made, and I simply don't remember where it used to go.

Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

How do I get your game to open? I have a (legal) copy of 2003, but when I try to run your game I consistently get the message that the RTP is not present or not registered - even though I can see it on my HD.


Save Your Mother Review

If the player finds that they are taking too much damage by dashing, then they can choose to turn it off in the Options Menu - that's the point of giving the player choices. I personally don't find this to be a problem except very rare instances where ultra precision is needed, usually only during mini-games.

I think you need to check out what 'defensive' means. If people keep on saying to you that you are being defensive, you might at least consider what it is you are doing which consistently creates that impression.

As for not thanking someone because they said it wasn't necessary - that doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. It's considered politeness, and shows that you are grateful that someone has made a significant effort on your behalf. Too late now, of course.

Save Your Mother Review

There is no reason at all why a 'Gained Item' notification should grant any immunity. Done as an ordinary event, it will not allow the player to move or do anything until the player hits the action bar/button, which then removes the notification.

I see you have not directly addressed the comments about mapping, which is very much entry level standard imho. Better mapping would also have solved the problem with your hellcasket minigame - you map to take account of what the engine can do (more than you seem to imagine) not what it can't do. I have seen very competent and enjoyable side-scroll sequences that have not required pixel movement scripts. Neither did you address e.g. the lack of autodash.

Responding to a point does not have to equal justifying why it is the way it is and being all defensive. You could say, for example: - good point, I'll include autodash in my next game; or - I'm sorry you didn't like the mapping, I wanted to keep the layout simple because the secrets are hard enough to find without having to navigate a complex map (though in passing I would say that interesting does not automatically mean convoluted). There are a whole lot of different ways of responding.

And I may have missed it, but despite prompting by another poster, I didn't see you thank the reviewer for taking a considerable amount of time and trouble to give you the feedback you said you wanted. This looks ungracious on your part, and will not help getting people to give feedback in the future.