Ara Fell

Hi, I finished this, and enjoyed myself.

Just reporting a few things you might want to look at if you do an update.

  • Because I spent a bit of time leveling up around Springs before going up to Miranda, I discovered that a couple of enemy sprites occasionally simply vanished if you interacted with them. No battle or anything, just gone. The 2 most common were the one immediately east of the town, near the junction of the path going up to the castle, and one a little to the south of it. There might have been others, but I didn't specifically notice. It was always with white cats, the other sprite never did this.

  • I am fairly sure that I had 11 of the wings needed for the poison cure. However, Hannah took the lot instead of just 10. In itself no big deal, but if the player has fought extra battles to get some for sale, it seems a pity to just lose them.

  • The transfer event north from the first map after Orlion (Dian's Gully?) that brings you to a narrow bridge has the sprite facing down instead of up.

  • During the fight with the octopus, Lita moved position in the battle HUD from 1st to 4th position.

  • Because I wasn't sure if going to the Holy Land would seal off any chance of completing the final 2 bounties, I went to Silvara before going there. The NPCs were already talking about a man in blue going up to the temple, even though that hadn't happened yet in the story. Maybe a switch on the dialogue?

Thanks for a great game.

Ara Fell

I've rescued Seri Kesu and now I'm well and truly stuck. Sorry, but I can't find the spoiler button and the usual code doesn't seem to work for me.

I have found 4 paintings, 5 prophecy fragments and one key. I used the key on the first door, pressed the 2 blue switches so that the pillars went down, but now cannot find any other keys. I have wandered around for ages, gone up a few levels in the process, and cannot think what else to do.
And I'm really enjoying the game - until now, when frustration is setting in.

As so often happens, 10 minutes after posting, I've got the lot. On we go, then.

Epic Elf (2013)

You use the skill which drains down all his MP

Forest music


Can this be used for commercial? I can't see any TOS.

Misaos Nominations and Games of 2012

I tried clicking the 'nominate' button on the page for 'Manifest', but nothing happened. Should I have done something else?

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

Thanks very much. My guess is that it will be welcomed with sighs of relief by a lot of players when they get there.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

Any chance that you might think of putting one in at some time? I crashed out with Zeul and it's a heck of a lot of gameplay to have lost. I've now got to hack my way through all that lot again, and it represents quite a stretch of time.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

A query: is it really the case that there is no save point between the entrance area of the Illusionary Castle and the final fight with Zeul? Have I managed to miss it?

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

Downloaded and now all is sweetness and light.