Good Places to start if I want to make my own resources

Thanks for all the help guys. I'll visit the site you linked when I get a chance.

Good Places to start if I want to make my own resources

Thanks for the info. Spriting does sound more up my alley then learning to write music. I attempted both ages ago, like a year or two ago, and, while I wasn't very good, I got much further with ;earning to sprite then learning music. And it was a bit more interesting. Thanks for the help. I'll probably start practicing my spriting, and icon making, as I work on my first MV game.

Good Places to start if I want to make my own resources

Hello everyone. I have recently caved and bought RPG Maker MV and, while I haven't used it all that much just yet, I'm really enjoying it so far. I have begun working on a small game. While the game won't be big or anything, I'm not even shooting for it to be that long, I am primarily using to work on my writing skills, something I've been working at for almost a year now after doing on and off for year before. As I'm getting back into trying my hands at game development, its got me wondered whether I'm fine with being only a writer and using graphics made by others, or if I would be willing to put the extra effort into learning at least one other skill to help me with my game making. Either art or music... While I still don't known if I'm willing to go that far yet, do you guys have any places that you recommend I should check out to learn either making sprites or music.

If your curious, I'm using RPG Maker MV as my primary engine and have little to no prior knowledge of either spriting or music making.

[RMVX ACE] Any Cute monster boy battlers and/or sprites?

Thanks in advance if you actually do make some cute monster boys.
Side Note: The thought of a Slime Boy makes me very, very happy.

[RMVX ACE] Any Cute monster boy battlers and/or sprites?

It isn't all that difficult to find cute monster girls without even looking, but I'm curious to known if anyone knows where to find cute monster guys. Nothing to specific or anything, just more human looking male monster sprites or battlers. It isn't difficult to find cute(or sexy) monster girls to use in RPG Maker, it isn't very difficult to find cute(and sexy) girls anywhere is it?, but I'm having a lot of trouble tracking down male monsters.

Worldbuilding 102: Makin' Magic

Those magic users you were listing off. Did any of them have the ability to cast Firaga?

Progress Update #1: 10/20/2015

I was surprised at how soon it came out as well. Like RPG Maker VX Ace, my only chance of getting it is probably in a humble bundle that comes out a number of years down the line.

What's going on? What is Reborn?! TELL ME!

Don't be sorry. I just have a really long backlog. I'm really excited for this game. I think that a November 2016 release date is pretty good date to shoot for.

What's going on? What is Reborn?! TELL ME!

I've been meaning to try and play the game after I lost my save file, but I think I'll just wait for you to complete this. Lord knows I need another reason to procrastinate...

The Heart of it All

So you went from a 20+ hour game, to a 5-7 hour game, to a 15+ hour game? Sounds like quite the roller-coaster.