Making physical copies of your game

I always figured that the art work would be the hardest part. I'd also imagine that if your going to the trouble of making a physical copy of your game, your going to include other goodies, like an art book or something. I doubt most people would go through all that trouble if they didn't want to include that stuff.

Making physical copies of your game

Hello RMN. I've been curious about this for a long time, but how hard would it be for an indie developer to make physical copies of their game. I know they do this in japan for things like comiket, so I've always been curious. I'm just talking about making a dozen copies or so, not enough to meet the demands of thousands of people or anything like that.


Good luck with RPG Maker 2003. I would recommend RPG Maker VX Ace since its more newbie friendly, but RPG Maker 2003 has its perks. Make sure not to make the maps big with nothing in them.

Development Update #4: Choices and Consequences

This sounds awesome! I'm really interested in this game.


I thought that you only needed them for the ticket shop. I didn't think that you were hoping to change the pictures for all the items.


I thought that that the yanfly script had the ability to use a specific picture if you told it too.

Draw Points, Magick Refinery & the Golden Ticket Shop

Sounds cool. The golden ticket thing reminds me of tiny medals from dragon quest. I loved tiny medals.

Is the WiiU really that bad?

I think the reason that PS4 and Xbox One have such a big focus one being an all-in-one console is because Sony and Microsoft are software companies in addition to games. Outside of their consoles and mercendice, Nintendo is only a video game company. I would really be interested to see what would happen if another video game only company enters the market.

Do you think Enterbrain has any plans to release a 3D PC RPG Maker

I took a look at the list of RPG Maker programs on the wiki. There were.. a lot of them. I'm surprised that they even brought over the PS1 and 2 RPG Makers.


Are you changing the RTP style graphics to that tall phantasy star style graphics?
I remember you saying earlier that you wouldn't since it would take to much work but did you change your mind?