Pushing Pixels

I like dating sim style games, so its all good. I've only played the two GBA fire emblem games, so I would be going into Awakening with more or less no knowledge of the series, other then the fact that one of the most remembered features is permanent death.

Pushing Pixels

Everything looks so beautiful. Every time I look at this game, at voice is the back of my head begins to asking me "so WHEN are you going to get Fire Emblem Awakening again?" I really need to get that game.

Arum, the RM Universe

Is it cool if we can donate characters? I have some character ideas that would fit really well with a community style project like this.

Pokémon RMN Version

Its nice to have a goal, even if you don't reach it. If you shoot for the sky, going one cloud at a time makes the whole journey seem less...impossible. This should go on a fortune cookie.

Pokémon RMN Version

Did you start developing this game before or after fairy types came into existence? I was just wonder if you have fairy types in this game.

An RPG Maker equivelent to Hyperdimension Neptunia

I recently got my hands on a hyperdimension neptunia game for the first time. So far, its everything I expected it to be. I've been throwing around ideas, but I've been making slow progress. Mostly because I finally got my hands on a 3ds. I got Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 for the PC if any of you are curious.

Doing it one pixel at a time...

The tiles are so beautiful. All that hard work is certainly paying off.

How do people feel about RPGs with no consumable items?

I forgot about those. I really need to play that game. After I lost my saved data, I lost the motivation to play again.

How do people feel about RPGs with no consumable items?

Didn't Ni No Kuni have no healing items? I remember that they had these orb things that healed you HP and MP slightly during battle.

Development Update #3: Episodic Content

Sounds cool! I'm looking forward to this game.