Pokémon RMN Version

So how to I information for my pokemon?

Beta 4.0 is live!

I found a bug in the game.


Your forgot to turn the event in Khusan castle after you complete the sewer event.
if you talk to the king again you will go through the event again.

Beta 4.0 is live!

FINALLY you updated this game! I have been waiting for this game since back in...
late March early April? I have never EVER been so excited for a game! Keep up the good work and enjoy your break! You earned it!


I had alot of fun with the game. I though the demo was to short but sweet
and the town looked very realistic also you get bonus points because you used
the futuristic Tilesets and this is the first game I've seen that use them.
Please have more focus an the plot because from how it started of it will just
be Item fetch quest also please go into more detail about what happened 5 years
ago. I am looking foward to how the game turns out!

New Release Incoming!

Thank you for FINALLY getting ready to release this next update. I have been checking
EVERYday no joke! Thanks again in advance for the release.

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm

Hi Dark Gaia! I'm excited to play the next build! I still remember last year when
I played Legionwood for the first time(It was one of the first RPG Maker games I
played) and even though I LOVED that game I LOVE this one even more! Keep up the
good work!