Remember your "Dream Game?" How did that turn out?

I'm surprised people are still posting on this. Thanks for all the posts. I'm kinda surprised on how versatile the whole "Dream Game" idea is.

Lions in sheep's clothing or vice-versa?

I don't "do" politics, but I'm quite interested in this game. I like that there's no good guy or bad guy. Just choices and consequences. I think it makes character a lot more interesting.


I meant that he did a really good job at adding first person in an RPG Maker game. I don't think I've seen this before.

First Person Implementation?

I think that looks really cool! You did a really good job at the conversion.

Chasing the Grail

Sounds cool.

Chasing the Grail

Are you going to take a scene from the main game for the demo, or make a scenario unique to the demo alone? Since this is a plot heavy game, I think the latter would be more fitting so the player gets a taste of the story without giving too much away before they play the full game.

Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness

Awesome! I just started the game and I'm taking notes as I play.

Remember your "Dream Game?" How did that turn out?

I've had so many "dream games" that I've lost track of them all. I've scrapped so many projects... The good thing is that with just about every project I scrap, I'm able to salvage something to take with me. With all these things I'm collecting, I wonder what will become of them...

Development Update #5: Beta Testing/Release Dates

Sweet! I'm already planning on getting a game steam like next week, so I'll just add a bit more and I'll be good to go.

Remember your "Dream Game?" How did that turn out?

Hello! I'm sure most of you guys have had a "Dream Game" at some point. You started RPG Maker in order to bring this dream to reality but some were along the way, reality hit. Some people place this "Dream game" in the large pile of things they thought of as a child but just never came to be. Some people were actually able to create that ultimate game. I'm just curious as to how that worked out.