Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?



Battle Royale

There are 5 endings. But you have to find out how to get them yourself. If you play for long enough you will eventually get the time's up ending, but since that's the worse one you probably don't want to get it ^_^

High level boss battle archetypes

Final final final boss form that you can't really lose to and is purely a symbolic fight(ala Sephiroth FFVII)

Conversely, boss that you can't defeat (yet) and is merely there to progress the story.

What are you jamming to?

And I'm going to see them live in Shibuya next Saturday ^_^ Can't wait!

Review Scores: An Informal Poll

.5 barely playable
1 poor
2 mediocre
3 average
4 good
5 excellent

[Poll] The King of Fanatsy

Is Terry Pratchette the French cousin of Terry Pratchet? ^_-

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Congratulations to Tokyo for winning the 2020 Olympics! I woke up at 5am just in time to watch the announcement live, and everyone here seems really happy about it. I'm sure it will be a great success! I hope I'm still in Japan in 7 years to see it for myself. The atmosphere will be amazing!

So, what do you think will be in the opening ceremony? Samurai? Ninja? My personal hope is for a life-size Gundam to walk into the stadium...come on, Japan, you've got 7 years to develop working mechs!

Battle Royale ver 1.3

When i try starting the game, it instantly crashes

I checked the zip file and it's fine, not corrupted or anything. So I don't know why it crashes. Are you sure it's not your computer?

Ver 1.2 Bugs fixed - please redownload!

-On my first playthough, I ran into Kazuhiko and Sakura, failed to recruit them, and they killed themselves. When it became 5:00am on the first day, the cutscene showing their deaths played again, even though they had already died.

-In the house at I6, there's an event where the player can pick up a frying pan as a weapon. This event did not clear itself on activation, so I was able to acquire an arbitrarily large number of that particular item. (Upon leaving the screen and coming back after the event had been activated, it had properly disappeared)

-Also regarding I6, the animations were running choppily while on that screen only. I wouldn't usually question this (as I was playing on my netbook, which I expect to struggle at points), but it was just that screen and I couldn't find anything that should make that particular screen more difficult to render than the others.
If you go there near the start of the game, there is something that happens that involves a number of events. I'm not sure exactly why it slows down for you though. I've made a little change (adjusted and autorun event) that hopefully will help.

-My first playthough ended when I ran into tatsumichi. I defeated him, only to be thrown directly into another battle with him. Since I was running low on items, I decided to run. Immediately after hitting the run command, a few lines from the Yukiko/yumiko cutscene started to play (I assume it was supposed to happen at this time), but the screen was blocked by the screenshot from the film of Noriko watching Shuya and Tatsumichi fighting. The dialog stopped once Kiriyama started shooting at yukiko/yumiko, and at that point the only command that the game would accept was the "a" key.
I've made it so that now when you meet an encounter the death scenes are switched off, so they shouldn't interrupt anymore. I don't know why you encountered Tatsumichi twice. It happened to me once with Kazuo. I think it's something to do with the event touch detection, so there's not much I can do about it. I think it's pretty rare though. And the screenshot (of Yuko, not Noriko) only appears once per playthrough.

-On another playthough, I ran into Kazushi Niida shortly after failing to save Kazuhiko and Sakura (again. I'm apparently bad at saving people). During the fight, he couldn't make any attacks (not sure if this was intentional). After defeating him, I gave his crossbow to Shuya.
fixed. As I thought I had forgotten to remove the crossbow as a drop so it was looking for ammo

-Shortly after the Niida fight, the scene in which Kazuo kills several other students played. When it finished playing, Kazuo's sprite was on the same map as me (despite the fact that I was on the other side of the island at the time), and I got sent into a fight against him. During this fight, Shuya's attack command did nothing.
That's just bad luck :-( The random encounter chance appears each time you enter a map, including after a cut scene. I'll think about if there's anyway to change it in the next update

-Minor bug: in the first conversation with noriko accessed from the menu, there's a line of dialogue that reads "\Name[ShuyaAre you scared of me too". I think you're misssing a bracket there.

Some other things (not bugs but observations):
-It would be nice if healing items mentioned how much they healed in the menu description
good idea. done

-the clock display in the upper-right corner seems to be tied to the display of the map, meaning that it's only visible during the nighttime if you walk to that corner and shine the flashlight at it.
The clock display is a picture. The flashlight script seems to override it. I don't know enough about scripting to fix it. Nevermind...

-some of the scenery items contain images of things that could be used as weapons, and it breaks suspension of disbelief a bit to have my characters walk past an axe stuck into a stump without being able to pick it up. I'd either remove said images, make it so that they grant equipment when examined, or make it so that when examined, they give messages indicating why the equipment can't be picked up (ie. "This axe is stuck in the stump. It won't come loose." or "The handle's broken. We can't use this")
The weapons are in a random place (or not at all) each playthrough, so there is a chance for an axe to appear there. I see your point though

-Aside from these issues, I have to say: Congratulations on the demo release! It looks like you've put a lot of work into this, and I quite like the way a lot of it turned out.
Thank you! It was difficult to find every bug because there are many ways to play through it. If you find anymore please let me know!

Ver 1.2 Bugs fixed - please redownload!

It does, but the enemy's have a version that doesn't (since obviously they can't hold items). But there was a problem I fixed earlier where a weapon with ammo was an enemy drop they would need ammo and so couldn't fire. If may be that I missed Kazushi when I fixed it. I'll take a look tonight when I get home for work. Thanks!

Ver 1.2 Bugs fixed - please redownload!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll have a look at the issues you mentioned. I've never encountered any problems with not being able to attack, but there might be a reason. Unfortunately It's true that if you start a conversation just before a cutscenes starts they interrupt each other. I could probably turn off the switch that calls the cutscenes when you meet a random encounter. And also because they're random you will sometimes have characters apparently teleport across the map after a cutscenes o_O
Anyway I'll see what I can do and hopefully get rid off some of these issues. Thanks again!