I play a lot of rpg maker games and figured it was time to join my favorite site!
I don't make games myself but maybe some day i will attempt one. For now I will continue playing games and write a few reviews along the way.



EL1 Progress (iv)

Sounds like quite a bit is being changed/added/... I skipped the deluxe, should i give this new one a whirl, or is there still not enough new content to warrant another play?

Generica: The Next Generation

Do you have a prediction as to when this will be finished?

Silent Hill: Letters (Beta)

i'm sure this will be better than the actual Silent hill games.

Eden Legacy III: The Fall of Eden

I'm definitely excited for this!

Eden Legacy II: Children of Eden Review

My excuse for not reviewing it, I'm lazy :P

I largely agree with this review, although I would boost it up to a four. i actually like the first game better, as it was longer, there was more to do, and it was a bit more 'stylized'. The battle system was a lot better in this one though, and it did manage to show a bit of progression with the coloured graphics and a few more interesting places to explore. It is definitely a worthy sequel, but it looks to me that eden 3 will be the real sequel that i was waiting for.

New Design Plan

I can't find avernum on the site... are they not made with rpgm?

Fable of Heroes I: Legendary Edition

I'll have to give this one a try. Im your local 'oldschool-only' type of player.

Eden Legacy IV: Return To Eden

Holy shit! I still need to write up my review for the second game! A few problems i ran into but overall it was a pretty worthy successor. when should I expect the 3rd and fourth to be finished?

Eden Legacy II: Children of Eden

Liking this!
I'll write a review when I finish, may be a while though.

Progress in July

Damn, i was kinda hoping this would be out by now. Good to know it is still being worked on though. I guess i wouldn't mind the change of pace. I have downloaded the deluxe edition for the first game but I probably won't touch it until I've finished with the sequel. If you need any extra beta testers, I suppose I might be willing to help, just so long as I don't miss out on any HUGE changes to the final.
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