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Collaborator(s) for Important, Emotional, Narrative-driven RPG Needed

This kind of idea....sick.

I believe i could say something in this kind of story.
I'm more of a storyteller myself through my art...I think i can contribute visual assets.

[Writer/Pixel Artist]

Hey good luck! Loving those pixels very much! I
think you could make something really nice!

Project Updates

Exploration aptitudes eh? Sounds fun! It actually enrich games by motivating player to read and discover than outlining the whole thing...
But that's a different narrative entirely than linear storytelling.

Need a little bit of artistic help, and a tiny bit of composing help.

What's the genre?

Drawing and Painting study

Neither am i. I mostly deal with painted stuff. 3d textures, animation.2d animation and illustration is my latest addition...

Do you code for your game then?

Drawing and Painting study

These look really good, a lot better then what I can do. I could have used some help when I was trying to make my manga years ago haha.

Wow, no comparison there...a year ago i don't have the skill to even visualize form and no idea at all about manga. Now i realize i'm more into story, but not necessarily i'm just looking to polish my skill and work and apply it into game development.

Drawing and Painting study

Um, wow, i've never seen you around, fearful.

But yeah i don't study well too, i go to libraries and paint more than i do my assignments. Haha.

I see what you are saying... it's true how the rocks seems to halt/pause the image...
But i wasn't so sure anymore what was the image doing last time haha...

Varying rock size could make a dynamic image, but i guess i am more of an animator...
Like, when you say "where to look next", that's about adding more in the image.
Most of the time, as an animator, i'm thinking more about "what to do next", "what is it preparing next".... so simple,developed anatomy is already enough of information for me.

If the image is crowdful, it's usually hard to move, and may grab you in a single glimpse, for a moment.
But thanks for the input!

At the moment, i'm still in the drawing part, i have no idea what's good colour yet.
Some people suggested me yellingly to use just red and white, red and white plus blue, but the way they harshly saturate the color draws away from the contrast and form.

SO yeah.

Drawing and Painting study

Hey feel free to request me artworks!
I'll try my best to illustrate your ideas!

Drawing and Painting study

Hey, support me on my youtube on deviantart!
I'll be drawing and studying here as i begin to develop an idea or polish my game!

We can also chat by Skype:
Or visit me at

Your comments and critics are much appreciated!
Let me know your thoughts and critics!
Improvement is a constant thing!

Write music

I want to write music for the Summoner of Sounds contest...
but i don't know how to start?

I know about chord progression, and a few things, major scales, diatonic etc...
But when it comes to writing a music in the software (i have a freeware already)
I freeze. Not the software. Me.
Also confuses me how the sounds of violin and things like piano can sound so natural in some software made music, not by default of course...

Can someone guide me?