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Aim for the Stars

The latest serie sounds amazing! I'd love to get the whole album, especially chapter 2 and 8. Good job! I'll be subscribing to this.

Drawing and Painting study

the drawing on the right makes me laugh. lightbox is broken?
Yeah, i have this, cheapass animation lightbox with a pegbar, really neat. But the lighting broke, had to change some wiring :)

Aaaah, this is really cool! I wish I could draw free hand like this.
Thank you! I'm sure you can with alot of practice.

And, it's been awhile, i'm just very slow at updates.
Jumping back into 3d animations, i got some royalty work. Here's some of the unused
polished content.

I also decided for myself that i will streamline my craft and specialize in a few thing. So if anyone is interested in working with me, royalty or commision base,
let's talk!
I'll be preparing my new reel too so if our work looks good for the reel, i'd love to feature it.
Either PM me or email me at

Drawing and Painting study


Drawing and Painting study

Despite facebook lower image quality and following pixelaton, it reminded me more of old sunday tvs quality..

Drawing and Painting study

Indeed, but sometimes i feel like "does this feel good" is very strange.
Another critical eye is important but then the meaning can get diluted.

Yeah, Kim Jung Gi, my favorite so far.
The anatomy is not my taste though, but i like his biography and personal opinion in his work. It's so honest and humbling, soothing too in its execution.
In the end, it doesn't make me want to be "as good as", in a very, dulling competitive idiocy, but more like "it would be fun to be focused in drawing".

Like, i'd probably like his drawing too if i had met him personally than through the recent buzz or the meatful artistic comparative attitude we're all grown used too.

Drawing and Painting study

would you look at that.... sinnelius i really like how you just draw the lines.

i cant wait to see some animations *_*

i dont really know the names of the crazy sakuga guys in nihon.
but i'm really into that bahi jd guy

Ah yeah, i know, he makes crazy animation...All the movements are just mad skills.
I'd do sakugas but i'm not sure how...
I can't really come up with good moves without context...or maybe is there context in everything?

Drawing and Painting study

New drawing video, mostly stopped by a crash.



This some brainstorming thread???

And dang, those forms.

Water's Concept Art

Or maybe just continue the first image into a series of concept art.