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You work with Gosu and OpenGL! Neat!

I can't seem to wrap up my head around Ruby opengl yet

RMN Music Pack

Wellp, this needs bookmarking.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

WHat's MUD?
An acronym that stands for for Multi-User Dimension, if memory recalls. I guess the best way to describe them is a text-based MMORPG?

*Edit: On topic, I started playing Privateer 2 - The Darkening for research on Myriad Cypher on a lark, and am still looking to start up some Breath of Fire 3.

Thanks! And whoa, breath of fire 3 was quizy... need to revisit it just for the no transition battle scene.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I should sue them on behalf of my MUD! How dare they use their ideas in the same way I used their ideas.
WHat's MUD?

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

It was a lot better in DQVIII, i'll admit.

lockez: chaos (louiscyphre) and i are also playing record keeper! it's great! it's abotu 100x better than All the Bravest!

Finally somebody compared it to the bravest... It was a trainwreck.

But damn i can't install it for some reason.

Father Demo Is Up, I kid you not

I haven't gone too far in the game, but i have to say, great artwork and nice choice of music.

Found abit of bug when i press the menu button while conversation going...
From there on, the MC only face the same direction.
Then... it crashes...

I haven't gone to far, but it seems promising...

Battle system is classic, fast paced and not forcefull..
I am not really into random encounter tho, It forces you to grind and unless you can capture the monster or some sort of reward (even pokemon fails this) grinding is a very tedious gameplay mechanics.

I'll try playing it again soon.

It crashes abit too early and for some reason, since the text can't be skipped,
i am not so keen to go back again somehow.

Battledome Alpha

I just learned programming and suddenly your prototype seems superbb...
I'm curious how will you link this Java console program to your 2d animated image sprites tho.

You'll be working in Eclipse entirely?

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Can anyone explain to me the logic on 2d isometric game's path finding and coordinate system?

what should we do to change the x,y, and z to make turn the gameplay field into isometric space or dimetric?

Has anyone figured out how to doa Tactics game in RPG Maker?

I like isometric look. :<

[ART] Anyone want to draw two robots fighting real quick?

Lol, i seriously can't tell if you are being honest Ken, because i have the habit of putting dull and desaturated colour and make it super lazy looking...
Almost sad and melancholic.
In fact, i really have no idea how to work on with Avee's art even tho the linework is already perfect... this gonna need a few more work to make it better.

But i'm glad you are responding, i'll update you soon.

And Cash, thanks! Glad you like it :)
Although there's nothing much there, as you can see. **;