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[FREE] Composer looking for work!

do you have skype?

IRC timechat

Alright, thanks guys! See you there!

IRC timechat

when is the IRC largely active by this timezone??

Looking for active company while developing art and games.

[GM] Music remix

I don't think you've done anything to help us understand your problem.

As i said, message if interested.
I'm sure we can come into an understanding there.
And your icon is amusing. :)

[GM] Music remix

Remix it how?
Are you trying to speed it up so it fits in that time?
Why not cut it off at a specific town that sounds good when looped.
i don't think you understand the problem.

[GM] Music remix

Looking for someone willing to help me remix a minute track into 27 seconds music for
a game opening animation.

Message if you are interested, and we can negotiate further.

Red Trees

Seems like, a very alice in wonderland kind of thing mix with mother....

Anyone played it yet?

Peri's assorted art

Cant wait for the game!!

Composer looking for more work

hey, do you do remix?
message me if you are interested.

Get a skype too, since i might need to dicuss through it.

Drawing and Painting study

Worked on some painting before more animation!

Lots of good games here, so i thought maybe i can draw abit for your games?
I work fast so i can decide if we can make something good together or not with several sketches.
Check my gallery here, and maybe email/note me if you are interested to work together!