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What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm playing final fantasy dissidia and i'm crying so hard at my incapability to use any programming knowloedge or advanced mathematics to make those fancy matrix midair dashin fighting scenes.

GODDAMIT THEY're so cool.

Steam Greenlight and Demo v0.3!

The demo was a great pleasure. :D

Welcome to Noise Waltz - A short briefing of individual equipment stats

This looks like a fancy system... I can't for the character sprites...

Those kind of things reel me in :P

Sunset Over Imdahl

Can anyone tell me where to find the Teo, the original creator of this game?

HAUS's General Art Thread

Boy, they are beautifullll.

Why the running animation??? Is it a platformer? Can i play this thing?

Last Word Steam Release

Just finished the game for the second time! Still haven't solved all the secrets...

Can't wait to review it!

I have a few inklings of bugs and errors that appeared in this latest version, but nevertheless, this is a great game!

Custom Mapper / Graphics for Hire

Well, this is a lost cause. I suggest you start polishing your work again. It's no use to hurt yourself or emphasize the self-defense.

Your work is just not for them, not yet anyway.

Hope you find a better niche/ circle.


This looks promising.

Last Word Steam Release

hah, I'm not so good of a tester than i am a reviewer..

I love this game and that blinded me.
the balancing issue and story plot holes are still permissible...
Looking forward so tha tthis game is expanded!


You made some decent pixel art...looks 3D and lovely!