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somehow a deep downgrade from its battlescreen.

Summoner of Sounds Ch.1: Light of Heart

is liberty briish?

The songs are very, cartoony. Fits well with rmn's off charts content. :p


this looks fun!

Last Word (IGMC Version) Review

midgar777 is being generous despite a fan of an era-defining jrpg.
I agreed on quizzing characters being awkward but using "chatter list" would kill the already messy and demotivational conversation UI.

The storytelling could be better too, but every character is quite vibrant and...colourful, it's unimaginable what kind of story is extravagant enough but not too cliche and outlandish to contain them all. :D

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

So I only just remembered that I never played KOTOR II... so I'm correcting that.
Oh god.

The ending.

Is so bad.



Rest of the game is good, though.

BUMP this.

then again, it had a very bland start.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

There's been an awful lot final fantasy fan game in RMN... FF grandmaster could be the epicenter of it.

Meanwhile, i played Front MIssion 3, but never been as fun as this folks playing it here
I think someone farted during the LP.

HAUS's General Art Thread

Lovely pixels! Ruin frontier seems like an interesting game... Is it available?

Spirte Art Guidance [RM2K]

Woo, thanks for all the replies!
Yeah, i'm not so clear about the thread's purpose anyway.

Most of the tutorials i browsed now has flaws and its own limitation.
Most things being taught are general purpose, and when a problem becomes specialized say...for a game or a certain artistic mood/ object, the tutorial fails and all that's left is references and experiences.

I am not very retrograde in my taste but, as i remember fondly, games like superbrother sworcery and kentucky route zero (Yes, again), which, i haven't played entirely,
has this sharp crispy art that is being used minimally and elegantly. And seeing them run on 24+fps, maybe they're not so pixel art in its application...

Classic zelda is indeed lovely, but perhaps it is the gameplay that partially elevate the craft. If i'm not wrong, Cartlife and recent 2d bits and pixels games are now 3d accelerated, which makes the look somewhat unique too.

And then, i also play things like this occassionally.

It's fast and quick, and the art, if not entirely crude and ugly, serves its mood.

Yes, the mood. Is it not the mood that drives an art?
No matter how HD something is, if the craft does not meet its purpose,
the quality and its use suffer, is it not?

What do you think?

And holy shit tho, that Yoshi Island is truly beautiful!
I think remember playing it on my gba emulator. :>

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

i wanna multiplayer on my ppspp lol

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Hey, hey, Last Word is on gamespot! Quite the facelift there!

I just finished the game, but didn't manage to find all the secrets yet.