The Merchant's Tale

Hmm... as a merchant it's pretty...

Haha, the merchant (Toimaru) even has a mask as well, sure he's not a distant relative? xD


It's at 665 downloads.... O_O CANNOT RESIST! *downloads* (But seriously, neat looking game from the two of you again!)


A real striking visual style! And in made in VX! I repeat the above statement, rogulikes are up my alley! Definitely giving this one a shot, and good luck in the contest!

Razed are the Powerful

This is by far one of the prettiest looking projects I've seen recently (maybe ever)!
Silly question though... will there be bears?

In all seriousness this is toward the top of my "anticipation list," hope the rest of production goes smoothly!

Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog

Huh. I was thinking that being able to skip the opening cut-scene would be nice. Or calling the save menu after it's done.

Yeah, that came up during Racheal's stream, I can see how that can get rather aggravating (especially in the game's current state.) Definitely not as hard to implement as some of the other required changes, so definitely expect it when the patch comes around!

Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog

Edit: While I'm on the topic of suggestions, the hardest / potentially most frustrating part about the game was getting started. Something to help the player out at the beginning might be nice. Maybe don't have them spawn until the player has opened a red room? At least then the player might have had the chance to save.

Sorry it took a little a while for me to respond, I didn't get an update when you edited your post. Thanks for the suggestion, I am rather curious on what players think about the balancing and all the stuff around numbers, timing, pacing, etc. Your thought is definitely going in the compendium.

On that note, expect the full compendium to be released no later than Monday! It'll hold all the changes I need to make, and the order I plan on approaching them in. Thanks again everyone for your interest and support!

Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog

Aw, I hoped the escape would work better. The way I evented it was that if the player escaped, the mob would actually jump backward so you have some space to walk away. I thought it would be enough, and it looked visually weird to have them jump back any further. I think I have an idea on how to fix this.

Yeah, I'll go ahead and modify the ratios a bit. Though, I think I have another idea for where else players may find them.

Yeah, a longer/bigger candle is yet to be made. I was a bit too exhausted to event another one; due to the nature of the lighting script, the vision mechanic is routed through two common events (switches, conditional branches, the timer, item consumption) and a parallel process on the map (which initiated the script and set the range)

As far as descriptions, I guess I should extend them a bit. Considering that the rewards vary, I left some stuff to assumption. You gave the Tiara to the Alchemist shrine, the "Mistresses" were spellcasters. You gave the Sugarcane to the Tactician shrine, Gumdrops are the only mob with a healing spell. You gave the Brass Fragment to the Seamstress shrine, Jinglies have the most potential defense. Stuff like that. I would have players first figure out what the shrine gave them (most of the shrines specify the type of reward, though I forgot to fix the seamstress one.. D:) afterward they would consider what they know about where there offering came from before giving it. But yeah, better descriptions would be nice. And I never thought about the color text thing, my bad.

Anyway, thank you once again for playing this extensively! This really gives me a great perspective of what a pretty much full playthrough is like for players. A blog entry will be made for when everyone can expect the updates to start rolling in, otherwise till then!

Dunlop Cavern: Curse of the Eggnog

Thank you for your dedication Racheal! This is a great report! I'll get to the Deerman immediately.

Since you got that far, here's some more info (wall of text warning, hidden for potential spoilers):

Like the rest of the mobs, Gingerman currently spawn randomly every time you re-enter the map. I'm planning to provide a more in-depth version of the guide that shows all the potential spawn points with the future download. It may be developed along side the "visual package." With that said, Gingerman were the most spread out through the entire map (they may even spawn in the ice regions); for balancing I wanted to make sure that no two Gingermen could spawn right next to each other. I guess it does get a bit complicated when you're down to two, since the number of spawn points greatly exceeds the number of Gingermen. Not sure at the moment how I'd want to address that, but it's definitely on the agenda now.

The skill tokens are dropped randomly by the basic mobs. The stronger the mob is, the higher the drop rate. (Crazed Deerman has the highest probability) Though, perhaps the ratios could be a bit better; I don't know, since this was a shorter game I wanted to ensure all the red-room rewards felt major, since there wasn't really any time to throw in any other objectives. However on that note, there was another bug mentioned by Royll regarding shop-skills that I'm still investigating.

Also from the screenshot I see you got the (totally not palette swapped) steel hockey stick! Congrats, and thank you! I wasn't sure if the battler would change correctly. A lot of different common events spinning around in my head. It's rather interesting, because the power-up you didn't get was one that would grant you a new hockey stick. None of them did as much physical damage as the Steel, but each had numerous effects.

As you probably have noticed, the shrine rewards vary based on what boss-item you offer. Which items did you end up on this run? Did they function alright?

Anyway, thank you for playing! Yeah, that reference. I couldn't resist! I blame MBH!
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